Must Have Early Learning Games for Infants

Infants have a curious mind and they learn things quickly. They have an urge to keep solving and exploring things. This is the stage of their life where giving them the right education and the right habits will help them have a disciplined life. Whatever they learn and this time and develop an interest for will continue to be forever with them. Developing good interests is a necessary part for this time. Infants love having fun so making learning a fun way for them is the best way to make them learn things. This will help them develop cognitive skills as well as motor skills. In this blog we will discuss the early learning games for infants helping them develop a lot of qualities. 

High Contrast Flash Cards for Infants – 

When your babies are growing or newborn babies eyesight attention goes to high contrast colours. These infant flashcards are designed in colour and shapes that will grab the baby’s attention. This really helps babies in an advanced cognitive development. This flashcard is the best game that will surely make them curious about it. This game comes with wooden stands that are included with the package so that you can place the flashcards anywhere you want. These visuals of flashcards stimulates  at the feeding table, during tummy time, and even during naps to your infant. 

Peek-A-Boo – 

This Peek-A-Boo the game name sounds like fun is a very interactive game that infants surely love. This game comes in various themes, such as underwater animals.. The colourful underwater animals hidden in soft flaps makes it fun for the kids. The various colours and sounds that it makes when you touch any animal makes a kid really excited about it. The best part about this multi-sensory interactive game is that it’s a cloth book. No need to worry about it getting dirty as it’s easily washable, doing no harm to the colours and the textures. Just focus on having fun with your infant and let see which animal he\she likes the most.

Sensory Book – 

This Sensory Book is a good way to teach kids some basic things. The book is made in an interesting way to learn things in a fun way. There’s a friend in this book, a giraffe named jojo. With the help of this book your child will learn basic things like tying shoelace, telling time and other things. This book has activities that won’t instruct a child on what to do but rather will nurture the emotional intelligence of kids . The kids have to prepare Jojo the way they will get prepared for a visit to the park. 

Puzzles – 

Puzzle is a fun way to enjoy but it also develops skills like problem solving and having a lot of patience which helps in the kid’s cognitive development The step-by-step puzzle is an engaging activity for kids. It will also help them remember the names of the animals. Parents can contribute to the kids’ learning by explaining the main characteristics of every animal. 


The infant period of your baby should be seen as an opportunity to let them explore and know about things. If they get this habit from an early age it will really help them in future learning. There are lots of ways and games to do that few of them are mentioned above. Check out Skillmatics for a better understanding of infants learning games, there are many more to explore. Choose what you think your kid will like the most and let them engage in the pool of kids learning games. 

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