Can Car Accident Victims in Cedar Rapids Seek Compensation for Mental Health Conditions?

Traffic accidents leave more than just visible scars. The trauma can also seep into the victim’s emotional and mental health, leaving invisible injuries that must be managed and treated. Car accident attorneys at will help victims find their way toward healing. The emotions these victims feel are valid and their recovery is as essential as any visible injury. 

Mental Health Issues Related to Car Accidents

A car accident can lead to different mental health conditions that can be managed or may ruin the lives of victims. Below are examples of these conditions:

  • Anxiety disorders. After a car accident, victims may experience different anxiety disorders like general anxiety disorder, specific phobias, and panic disorder. Daily tasks might become harder as the mind gets bogged down in fear and worry. A victim may have difficulty concentrating or maintaining productivity as their minds are preoccupied of the traumatic event. 
  • Depression. depression can present symptoms such as fatigue, sleep disturbances, appetite changes, and unusual pain and aches. Such symptoms can compound the physical discomfort a victim experiences from the crash, which makes their recovery more challenging. 
  • Nightmares or insomnia. The link between a car accident and resulting sleep disturbances is real. Constant sleep deprivation can result in fatigue, mood changes, and reduced cognitive functioning. Nightmares can leave a victim having constant fears, which aggravate insomnia. 
  • PTSD. After a car crash, people who have PTSD may have flashbacks and nightmares, reliving the trauma. Also, they may experience emotional distress, feel a sense of being in a dangerous situation, and have physical reactions to accident reminders. They may avoid situations that might make them remember the trauma like driving or riding a car. 

How to Pursue Financial Compensation for Car Accident-Related Mental Health Conditions

Victims can seek compensation for their emotional and mental distress following a car accident. However, recovering such compensation can be challenging. It includes working around car insurance laws and dealing with insurance companies. To recover compensation for mental health conditions, victims must prove the other party involved caused the accident through their negligence. 

In addition, although a victim does not need to sustain a physical injury to be compensated for their mental health conditions, proving their case without a bodily injury is complicated. If they want to sue the at-fault driver for their mental health conditions, they need the assistance of a skilled car accident attorney. An attorney will advocate for the rights and best interests of the victim in discussions with insurers. Also, they can connect victims with mental health experts who can support their claims. 

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