How to remove blogger cookies notification? [Working]

Friends, in this article, I will tell you how you can disable or remove blogger cookies notifications that come on your blogger, so you just have to read this article completely.

What Is Cookies Notification?

Cookies notification is one in which when you visit a website, the cookies of that website are stored in your browser, with the help of which whenever you visit a website, it opens fast and whenever it is new on its website.

If you post something, you get a notification on your phone, of that website, we call it a notification.

And cookie notification also works that when you go to a website and fill in your information like sign up or log in, then that data is stored inside the cookies of your browser, with the help of which

whenever you go to that website So you do not have to enter your user name and password there, it automatically gets filled and the reason is that the data was stored inside your cookies and it is automatically filled there.

Why do Some Templates Already Enable Cookies Notification?

European Union (UN) Law According to when a user visits a website, he should know that data will be stored in cookies on the website he is staying, so according to the European Union Law, in most places, this cookie notification feature remains enabled

But if you want that user not to get this notification, you do not have this problem, then you can also turn it off permanently, so let’s know how we can remove it in our blogger.

Remove Blogger Cookies Notification Permanently

So as you can see in the image below, you get a notification like this, whenever a user visits your website,

you can remove this cookie notification from Blogger or else if the cookie notification comes If so, how can you remove that too, then I am going to tell you now.

Step 1:- Go to the blogger dashboard.
Step 2:- After going to the Theme Section and click on the Edit Html button.
Step 3:- Find or Search </body> tag who you get in the last of your HTML coding.
Step 4:- Copy the code below and paste on above of  </body> tag.

<script>/*<![CDATA[*/ cookiechoices = {}; /*]]>*/</script>


REMOVE blogger cookies notification CODE

Step 5:- The last step is to click the save button.

Now after following all these steps, the cookies notification shown to your users and you on your website will not be shown to you.


So, friends, I have told you how you can permanently remove cookie notifications from your blogger and website, so if you have liked the information given by us, then tell us by commenting.

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