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How Does Rumble Work? (Earning Proof)- Rumble Website Reviews


Rumble Website Reviews
Friends, you can do Earning by using YouTube’s Alternate Platform Rumble, which is much higher than Youtube, if you do not know about this platform yet, then I will give you good information about this platform.
On the Rumble.com website, you can earn without completing any target, so let’s know how you guys will do it!

What is the Rumble website?

This is a  Canadian  Platform where you can upload videos like YouTube and it Headquartered is in Toronto the name of its creator is Chris PavlovskiThis website was created in 2013 and had a Monthly Traffic of 1.9 million users on it,
which is slowly becoming more and more popular now. So it has been 8 years so far and now 32 million users come on it per month.

How to earn money from Rumble Website?

Earning money from the Rumble website is very easy, you do not have to do 1000 and 4000 hours of watching time like Youtube. 
All you have to do is open an account in it and after that as soon as you upload videos, your videos get monetized and you can earn from them.
Note: On the Rumble.com website, you get Earn from 1 to $10 per 1000 views and you do not need any in this. 
To make long videos, you can upload some second videos or 1-minute videos and upload them.


How Does Rumble Work
How Does Rumble Work & How to earn money from a rumble


Most of the traffic comes from these countries on this Rumble website:-




United States






United Kingdom





 What to do on Rumble? (copy-paste)



Friends, for now, you can also earn by copy-pasting on this platform, in this, you will not get any copyright claim or copyright strike right now.

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Therefore, if you want, you can copy any video from Youtube and paste it here, keep in mind that the Hindi language is not used here right now. 

Because this is a Canadian platform where English is used more and top countries, I have already told you which countries get so much traffic on this website. 

And because of this, you can earn so much on this website that you do not get to see on YouTube.

 So first of all you have to create your account on this platform, let’s know how they create

How to create your account in Rumble?


Friends, creating an account on Rumble is not easy for now, but I have such a trick, with the help of which you can create your account on this platform for free.
 That’s why I have made a video for you guys, you can watch this video and create an account on your Rumble website, then watch this video.
Rumble Website Reviews:-




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