BMX Bike Tricks For Beginners

What are some BMX bike tricks for beginners? The world of BMX has never been dull since time immemorial; Whether indoor or outdoor, the BMX racers will always find it fascinating. The dark winter days no longer break your training consistency since you can always turn to indoor training.

The tons of options for BMX will always give you the zeal to keep going. Seasoned racers and beginners can train and race with or against each perfectly using the BMX. However, beginners need to train harder and smartly before reaching the pros level.

There are several BMX bike tricks beginners ought to learn in the world of BMX. Below is a quick overview of some of the BMX bike tricks to learn:


You use the pedals to move your bike. But with the manual, you try moving the bike on a back wheel without pedaling. It would help if you gained your cycling balance only on the wheel. How do you achieve it? Consider riding your bike at an average speed. Position your body backward and straighten your arms. Pull the rear wheel, and using your pelvic, try and maintain your balance.

Nose Manual

It is another riding trick beginners ought to learn. Here, without pedaling at all, you try balancing yourself on your bike’s back wheel. Consider riding your bike at an average speed. Position your body backward and straighten your arms. Pull the rear wheel, and using your pelvic, try and maintain your balance.

Bunny Hop

It is another fascinating and, at the same time, dangerous BMX bike tricks; consider putting on a protective helmet. It involves jumping on your bike’s back and front wheels simultaneously horizontally. How do you do it? You start by positioning your legs straight. Then pull handlebars in a backward motion, go ahead and lift your BMX bike at a considerable height. For a short while, horizontally position the wheel. It’s time to land, but use the back wheel this time, and you are done.


It is the other trick online of the BMX tricks. Same to others, note that it’s a fun but dangerous trick. Put on a protective helmet. The techniques of this trick are vice versa that of bonny hop.

You start by raising the rear wheel as high as possible, followed by the front wheel. Try landing safely on both wheels simultaneously. How do you do it?

Position your body forward and allow the handlebar to support your body weight. The Next thing is to raise your bike as high as you can. Your hands will act as a pulley for lifting the back wheel in this instance. You can now land on both wheels simultaneously on leveled wheels and a backward positioned body.


It is another BMX bike tricks that is worth learning. Like its name Suggest, you with the two wheels of your bike simultaneously. It’s technically simple compared to other tricks. You kickstart by riding your bike slowly. Continue the trick by positioning your legs and arms at a lower level. Lower your body to allow you to stretch your limbs vertically.

Side Hop

It is similar to the hop trick, but side hop requires you to simultaneously jump and land on both wheels. It is advisable to ride slowly when performing this trick.

Hop 180°

Hop 180° is another great BMX bike tricks that is worth learning. It entails horizontally making a complete turn of 180° degrees on both wheels. You start the trick by riding your at a slowly. The next step is to go ahead and bend your limbs, followed by hopping, and make a great turn to achieve the hop 180°.

BMX Bike Tricks: Top Major Parts Of BMX Bike

BMX is an acronym for bike Motocross or bicycle motocross. It is an amazing and unbeatable bike introduced in the 1970s. The versatility of this BMX bike is on another level. Most racers have had a good time and a big win using the bike. Like other things, the BMX bike requires frequent repairs and maintenance to be operational. All seasoned and great racers had their bikes repaired and maintained often.

What BMX parts require maintenance and repairs? Let’s get started:

BMX Stem

As discussed earlier, the handlebar and fork are crucial parts of your bike; a stem connects the vital parts. A strong stem is an assurance of the proper functioning of a fork and handlebar. The stem is a common denominator of the load you can transport with your BMX bike. It is advisable to replace the stem should it bend after carrying heavy roads. Some of the BMX stems are weak and therefore require frequent replacement.

BMX Headset

BMX headset comes in diverse colors, designs, sizes; it depends on preferences and needs. It is a part that helps tell the shelf -life of any given BMX bike. The headset’s main role is to connect the fork to the bike. It significantly assists you in steering and handling your bike. Regular repairs and maintenance will improve its operation and increase its longevity. Cleaning and degreasing are important ways to maintain your BMX headset.

BMX grips

Grips are another significant part of the BMX bike. When riding, your safety is paramount. A grip will keep your hands and fingers from excessive vibrations, especially when riding on rough and tough terrains. Again, your grips’ size, colors, and materials depending on your preferences and needs. The good thing is that the grips are interchangeable. A milky soap, soft brush, or ordinary sponge are ideal for cleaning your bike. Once the grips are worn out, consider replacing them.

BMX Pedals

Pedals act as an interface between the bike and the cycler. You find different pedals made of diverse materials like; nylon, metal, and plastic. Metal longevity is unbeatable compared to the other types of pedals. Pedals are pretty safe when riding but can also be dangerous. The plastic pedals ought to be frequently replaced since they easily wear out. On the other hand, a little and appropriate maintenance of a metal pedal extends the longevity of the metal pedal.

BMX Brakes

Your safety comes first. Brakes system is responsible for your safe riding and helps you stop the bike easily and safely. The brakes consist of arms and springs; both require regular maintenance to ensure the proper functioning of the brake system. A little adjustment of the springs helps to reduce unnecessary tension off your brakes system. The fine bit of it is that you can carry out the maintenance of your brakes system single-handedly.


A hub is another vital part of a BMX bike; you cannot afford to miss your bike. Your wheels won’t roll if the hubs are faulty or missing. Again you have tons of options to choose from for the BMX  bikes hub.

The structure of a hub consists of shells, a bearing, and an axle. Your choice for the three components will depend on the purpose of the bike and the terrains you intend to beat. Grease and degrease the bearing part of the BMX hub often; it improves its functionality. Consider replacing the hubs since they may be worn out as time goes by.

BMX Seat

Like any other part of your BMX bike, a seat is a mandatory need on your bike. You will find diverse shapes, colors, and types of saddles for your bike. The major seat types include; pivotal, tripod, combo, and not forgetting the railed style.

Your saddle choice depends on your preferences; all will serve you right. Of course differ in features, but comfort is important when riding at the end of the day. There are different materials for the BMX seat; you choose the right one for you. Leather seats are durable. Simple maintenance and repairs increase their longevity. Replace the seats if they are worn out.

BMX Chain

Finally but least, you have the chain topping the list of crucial parts of your bike. Chains come in different widths; the thicker the chain, the better. Poor quality chains will cost you more eventually since they keep breaking; cheap is always expensive. A single half chain is an ideal option for your BMX bike; its adjustability and installation are pretty simple compared to the others.

BMX Bike Tricks: Effective BMX Guide for Beginners

Cycling is a fun daily activity. It’s bread and butter for multiple people globally. Like any other sports personnel and athlete, a cycler should have a plan to help them with their cycling all through.

You don’t just wake up and become the fastest cycler; just work for it. You should have a beautiful plan to help you achieve your speed goals and other cycling basics. Experienced and newbie cyclists either focus on unstructured or structured training. If you want to share insight and analysis, stories from under the helmets, and all things bicycles and cycling culture with more enthusiasts, use Spotify podcasts and consider checking out Spotifystorm.

UnStructured training is for anybody who wants to achieve physical fitness. It involves general body excercises and also biking. However, you cannot rely on this type of training to improve your speed as a cycler.

Do you want to be an unapparelled cycler? Do you have the zeal to break your record and others? Then consider structured cycling and running training plan. It is pretty effective. You can achieve all the cycling desires and goals.

Here is an effective guide for BMX riders:

Set Your Seat Height Correctly

You just began riding. You don’t have the slightest idea of how a poorly positioned seat can hurt. It hurts your knee badly if the seat is incorrectly positioned. You feel like the pedals are not powering no matter your unbeatable efforts.

Avoid setting your seat to an extremely low position when cycling. You might end up straining alot during the pedal stroke. As a beginner, your feet should not touch the ground when riding. It may feel comfortable, but the results may hurt alot.

It poses a great risk of injuries to any cycling beginner out there. Ensure that your knees are below the pedal stroke. A properly positioned saddle helps position your pelvic, which should be opened to avoid injuries during cycling.

Ensure you measure the distance between the saddle bottom and top. It helps to position the seat approximately. A seat should not limit your cycling and running potential. When purchasing a bike, choose the one with a liftable saddle.

It helps you stop safely and efficiently when riding.

Get A Full BMX Bike Fit

Perfect BMX bike fit is crucial for both experienced and newbies in cycling. You won’t achieve your cycling and running goals if you fail to fit the correct bike.

Saddle height and reach are the major attributes of a perfect bike fit. As mentioned earlier in the article, your saddle height should be slightly below your pedal stroke when cycling. It helps keep all sorts of injuries at bay when riding.

You enjoy your cycling alot since you won’t be on and off the saddle. Besides the right positioned seat, there is the dire need for a correct reach for your bike handlebars. You don’t want to strain your arm’s muscles when trying to reach the long positioned be handlebars.

Your back’s health is important during and after cycling; avoid too long handlebars. They might strain your back due to excessive bending. On the other hand, extremely short handlebars are not the best option.

It will hurt your knees, thus affecting your health and cycling goals. The right frame fit determines perfect reach and saddle height; consider buying a bike with the right and properly positioned bike frame.

Don’t Stress About The Gear

What you are riding, your safety is paramount. Gears play a vital role when riding. They will control your speed, which is crucial for any beginner in cycling. Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned cycler, gear is a vital aspect of cycling.

You no longer need to shop for too many unnecessary cycling clothes and shoes with the best traction; to stand out as a cyclist. Simple breaks help alot. Concentrating on your type of bike’s break is a beautiful step forward for your cycling journey.

Don’t worry too much about the upgraded gears; start from simple ones. You upgrade the gear system as you become more advanced in cycling and running. A helmet and a bike with a simple right gear system is great starting point for beginners.

There is no need to stress moving from one store to looking for fancy brakes and gears. Most beginners invest heavily in their bike’s gears, unnecessary when simple cheap great will walk great for them.

Proper Maintenance of Your BMX Bike

Like any other thing, your bike requires maintenance. You don’t have to be a seasoned cycler to maintain your bike, but you can do it as a beginner. There is simple basic maintenance for your bike; you do it yourself.

Deep and advanced maintenance requires an experienced bike or specialist, for that matter. Simple maintenance like chain lubing should be done frequently since it’s simple as ABC. It helps you save a lot of money.

You don’t have to keep paying for your bike’s repairs if the lubing is done perfectly and regularly. It also builds consistent in your daily training; you don’t have to break since your bike’s breakdown.

Sufficient air in your bike’s tire is a crucial element when cycling. It simplifies your cycling and makes it more fun. Adding air to your tires regularly will also increase the longevity of your bicycle.

BMX Bike Tricks: Conclusion

Your BMX bike may be your butter and bread. It could be your shopping buddy. Whatever the purpose of your bike, always maintain and repair it often. Master every fine part of your bike; all of them are crucial. Don’t neglect any part of your bike; it will cost you a fortune. Be nice to all.

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