Apartment Bike Storage Ideas

Cyclists who stay in small spaces learn the problem. You want your bike to be easily reachable but hate to stumble over it all the time. After wasting more than 30 hours examining dozens of inside bike-storage racks, the assembled and most reliable options for keeping your bikes at their days—and sometimes weeks — end. Here are some of the best apartment bike storage ideas.

Apartment Bike Storage Ideas: Tips

Biking is an enormous workout, and it’s an amazing way to enjoy the outdoors while decreasing your carbon stride. If you live close to your business to commute to work, you also save on the expenses and frustration of traveling by car.

Those trying to simplify their lives will always change to using a bike instead of a car, and may also consider condensing into a smaller home. The problem comes when you need to comprehend where to leave your bike when you’re not cycling.

Abandoning your bike on the street or roadside might not be a choice, and even if you have a place to close it securely, you endanger having your bike stolen. Normally you can park your bike inside, but if you have a small house or an apartment, you may strive for storage space. 

Hang it up

The easiest solution is to put hooks from the ceiling and dangle your bike when you are not riding it. If you have a veranda or small garage, this is the exact place to put your bike hooks. If you want to store your bike inside your living space, hooks can go into a cupboard or laundry nook ceiling too.

While it might not be vastly desirable, if you are strapped for an area you can hang your bike from the living room or bedroom ceiling. Flap a curtain if you want to protect it out of sight.

Put in on the Wall

Your bike can again be packed on the wall itself — think of it like hanging a piece of 3-D art. A bike shelf, which resembles a floating rack, will hold your bike safely. You can also keep some hooks or brackets for a lower-tech and more industrial look.

Get a Bike Dock

This is a costly solution, but it’s a nice one. A bike dock is built inside the wall art but it opens and exposes the dangle area for two or three bikes. Be aware that you will spend more and expand slightly more time on establishment if you go with a dock.

Use an Exhibit Shelf

A large exhibiting shelf with an open middle or upper unit does well for bike store shelves. If you have other units or cubbies on the shelves, it gives you a niche to keep shoes, outer gear, and other appliances. You’ll need sufficient space to place such a large piece of furniture, of course, but if you can compel it to do double or triple tasks as entrance storage, it’s worth it.

Slide it out of Sight

Possibly the cheap solution of all! Slide your bike out of view behind a large piece of furniture such as a high-backed couch, a bookshelf, or an entertainment center. 

You’ll have to be certain to have enough authorization to bring it back there — think about the handlebars mostly — but this keeps your bike out of sight while also bringing it easy to get back when you want to ride it.

Go for a Bike Rack

A favorable standing bike rack is another enormous choice for small spaces. Some racks will hold two bikes effortlessly. These racks tend to be lighter, and they are a great accent to an area with a more industrial feel.

To an extent such a rack doesn’t place your bike out of the scene, it does give a prettier way of packing your bike. Placing a free reputation rack in a discreet intersection is one option — or make it the centerpiece of your living room! Few racks even have lanterns with dimmers installed, making them dual-purpose items.

Hide it Under the Stairs

If you’ve received a staircase in your apartment or small home, the underneath gives big storage that’s too always hidden. Of course, you can hardly crease your bike under the stairs.

But you can also launch hooks and hang bikes from the staircase. If your staircase doesn’t have an uncovered bottom, you can also speculate about building a cabinet or cubby underneath the stairs to keep your bikes.

7 Apartment Bike Storage Packs

Here are the best 7 apartment bike storage areas.

Apartment Bike Storage Ideas: Delta Cycle Michelangelo Gravity Stand 

This is a recommended method to pack your bike indoors. The stand needs minimal effort and creativity to install, it’s weightless and strong, and can lodge one or two bikes of any design—mountain, road, hybrid, and even impression cruisers.

The Michelangelo is simpler to compile than all the other choices tested, needing only a Phillips screwdriver and a drill. It’s also aquarobics, expecting a vast total of one screw to connect it to the wall—and although the ways strongly recommend connecting the stand to the wall.


  • The backing arms that support the bikes on the Michelangelo are portable, enabling the stand to handle bikes with sloping top tubes or complicated full-suspension frames. 
  • Relocating the arms is barely a matter of twirling them until they move freely—here, you’ll need no equipment at all, which means that this rack is also simpler than all the others to modify once developed.
  • The Michelangelo has a set of many hooks for equipment, so you have somewhere to hang your helmet.


  • Space Saving Indoor Bike Storage: Emphasizing a creative low-impact stand Design, The Michelangelo 2 Bike Rack garage directly leans against the wall and Uses Gravity to Secure up To 2 Bicycles
  • Hassle-Free Assembly: The delta cycle Michelangelo garage bike rack takes less effort and competence to install, what you need is just a penknife. Gather hardware and a wall strap are included to make a secure wall bike rack within a short time.
  • Loaded movable Bicycle Storage: The rack fits any bike size or style, up to 40lbs. Holding arms are moved with an easy twist, no devices are needed, which means this rack is simple to adjust once compiled.


  • No extra silicon parts so you have to purchase a new set after a while.

Apartment Bike Storage Ideas: Steadyrack Classic Rack

When you hang your bike perpendicular to its front wheel it enables you to keep it in the wall space back of a door, or a corner. Contrary to some other vertical-storage alternatives, which expect you to raise your bike well off the ground while at the same time rotating its wheel to get it into a hook.

The Steadyrack Classic Rack flatten from the wall like an old-fashioned ironing board. To get your bike on this frame, you’ll barely tip it back on its rear wheel and roll it ahead until the front wheel stands in the rack, which is broad sufficient to lodge even mountain-bike tyres. If Michelangelo, our major pick, is out on sale, this is a nearly-as-good option.


  • Swivels up to 160-degree angles for simple access.
  • User favorable racks are eligible for the whole family from 20” bikes on up to grown-up bikes.


  • Suits most road, hybrid, cruisers, and favors mountain bikes without frame and tyres diameters of 20” to 29” and widths up to 2.1 inches
  • Carries a bike weighing up to 77 lbs. or 35kg.
  • No -Lifting – directly balance the bike on its back wheel and push it into the rack – there is no hefty lifting required.
  • Space minimization – contrary with bike stands reachable or lifter. Our racks have a special axle design enabling more bikes to be stored in less space and still be accessible.


  • In the middle of your bike’s foremost tyre and the lower tube are supposed to carry your bike into the model Rack for an aero, time trial, and other racing bikes should have a minimum approval of 20 millimeters. 
  • Many Specialized bikes, aero bikes, different racing bikes, and all-time trial bikes with less approval will require our Fender Rack. 

Apartment Bike Storage Ideas: Ibera Adjustable Bicycle Wall Hanger 

If a pull stand won’t work but you however want to hang your bike parallel to a wall, the Ibera Adjustable Bicycle Wall Hanger is your best bet. It’s extremely customizable: You can adjust the height and width of the pillar arms via simple ratcheting mechanisms, and the arms are easy to lock into the right configuration. 

The rack itself is fixed to the wall with compressing tubes so you can also adjust how far it sticks out into the room—another handy feature for small spaces.


  • Brand: Ibera
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Item Weight: 2.3 Pounds
  • Item Size LXWXH: 15.78 x 9.75 x 7.8 inches


  • The wall hangers can be adjusted to an angle of (45°) to level your bike at the angle needed. The required height for hanging tyres should be at least 4 inches above the floor or ground.
  • The holders must be displayed in 2 holes side up. Sketched as a parallel mounting wall hanger for a sole bike to set aside floor space.
  • Weight limit- 39.6 pounds. The well-made and long-lasting construction made out of aluminum keeps this hanger secure for bikes to hang on the wall. 
  • The dual-arm hanger has packed ABS arms to support the bike security and protect against paint damage. Good for most standard bike frames.
  • Hanger beam length is multiway to fit narrow or wide handlebars. Mount hanger on stonework or concrete wall with the harbor.


  • Do not mount hangers on wallboard or drywall unless there is a planks stud behind. If you need any inquiry about the mounting, look for a professional. 

Apartment Bike Storage Ideas: Feedback Sports Velo Column

The Feedback Sports Velo Column is likely the best option for you if your wall space is usually occupied by windows, doors, bookcases, and artwork, which holds up to two bikes. So that it can be easily moveable if you want to rearrange the furniture, you don’t require to nail it or screw it into the wall.  It can be built into place between the floor and ceiling. This column is also permanently constructed, and the support arms can be lifted easily to fit different kinds of bike frames.


  • Brand: Feedback Sports
  • Color: Black
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Size: One size
  • Sport Type: Any sports


  • Can hold up from 2 to 4 bikes at a time
  • Arm positions can be separately adjusted
  • The length is from 7 feet to 10 feet
  • Comes with an adapter for maximum comfort when working with an open joist ceiling
  • Rubber cradles that stick to the bike


  • Because it’s one size it may be a problem for some users

Apartment Bike Storage Ideas: Racor B-1R Solo Vertical Bike Rack

The Racor B-1R Solo Vertical Bike Rack is by far the easiest and cheapest choice, out of all the racks tested. The wall-mounted hook from which you hang your bike by the front wheel is called solo. The following are pros and cons for the feedback sports velo column.


  • Brand: Racor
  • Color: White
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Item Dimension: LXWXH 10.2 x 5.1 x 3.4 inches
  • Mounting type: Wall mount


  • It works best if you need an easy storage solution for a road bike 
  • Wheel Safe – Safe Hook and plate design is safe for road & mountain bike tires
  • Durable – High stamina epoxy coated steel enables you to lift to 50 lbs
  • Practical – Keep bikes tidy and reclaim useful floor and shelf space
  • Customizable – Mountable on any spotted wall to increase organization
  • Safe – Security heavy rope for robbery avoidance


  • Several analysts argued that they couldn’t suit bikes with broad wheels or knobby tires onto the C-shaped hook, however, which makes this rack a less practical solution for mountain bikes.

Apartment Bike Storage Ideas: Koova Wall Mount Bike Storage Rack

Storing your bike is an irritant, mostly if you stay in a small apartment. Though you can always store it outside, if you need to store it inside without disturbing the manner of your home; wall-mounted bike racks like the Koova wall mount bike storage rack is a great pick for you.

Koova wall mount bike storage rack uses a vertical storage area to provide a useful solution to bike storage problems; along with incredible aesthetics, functionality, and comfort of use. It comes with a different shelf for storing your helmet, padlock, gloves, and other gear. 


  • Brand: Koova                  
  • Material: Alloy Steel
  • Style: Bike Rack
  • 2 Item Weight: 3.15 Kilograms
  • Item Dimensions: LxWxH 32 x 5 x 5 inches


  • Easy to install and use
  • Safe and strong, can hold up multiple items at a time
  • Keeps everything organized
  • Heavy duty and made from a sturdy powder coated steel material
  • Every part can be separately mounted on a surface of your choice (preferably wall)
  • Sticks to a wall well and will not budge or slip


  • Might not work well with different height bikes.

Apartment Bike Storage Ideas: Zero Gravity rack stores

In metropolitan cities, floor area is at a premium, and storing the sporting equipment efficiently in compact modern homes is a tough task for all. California-situated designer Mark Canavarro has designed a Zero Gravity rack with a new concept of storing your gear vertically to save space at homes. This rack lifts the hooked sports equipment through an air compression strut and uses the vertical space of the room to store them efficiently.

The Zero Gravity rack occurs in three categories, differing by their weighing dimensions from 29lbs to 50lbs. It includes multiple hooks to attach sporting equipment such as bikes, fishing poles, surfboards, skis, snowboards, etc. safely and a unique gas strut system is used to lift or pull down attached items easily. While the gear is for its safety and the locks prevent it from falling.


  • Brand: Zero Gravity Racks
  • Material & Finish Type: Powder Coated Steel
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mount
  • Assembly Required: Yes


  • Made from an an entirely new technology
  • Super space friendly as the bike can be mounted on the ceiling and won’t take up space on the walls
  • Easily can lift your bike with its gas strut system in can you need to fix something
  • Sturdy material and strong construction can hold up to 50 LBS
  • Safe and easy to install


  • Might bend if the bike is too heavy


It is everyone’s wish to keep their bike safe and well-maintained, as having a suitable place for storage not only maintains its appearance but also ensures longevity. If you’re passionate about cycling and share guidance on social media platforms like TikTok, contemplate utilizing Tiktokstorm to disseminate insights to a broader audience, including those interested in optimizing bike storage solutions. Consider the options outlined here to find the best fit for your apartment without disrupting your home.

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