Best Bike Messenger Bag & Gear Guide

Looking for the best bike messenger bag and gear for your bicycle? As a messenger, there are some requirements you need to meet to be successful at your job. There are so many things these people have to carry. As much they may be having different jobs, that is, the messenger guy for newspapers and letters will be different from the one who delivers food. They all need similar gears. 

One of the basic things they all should have is a good bicycle. It’s because it can be tiresome to walk on foot. A car can be expensive to fuel all the time. Therefore, the bike is the best because it’s easy to manoeuvre. However, there are some particular things that the ones who are new to the job need to know. 

So let’s get to know some of the best bike messenger bag and gears. 

Best Bike Messenger Bag & Gear #1 Giro Vanquish Helmet

Accidents are unpredictable. Therefore, you need to protect yourself at all costs. Your head is very crucial. If you trip and hurt your head, you can even get a brain tumor. The best thing about the helmet is that it’s lightweight. 

Therefore, as much as messengers carry other luggage, it will not be heavy on the head. A helmet is one of the most important bike messenger gears you should not leave behind when walking out of the door. The life of the messenger is very important and the helmet can protect them. 


  • Polystyrene is the material used to make the inner part of the helmet. 
  • It has been made from the Giro’s lab, and so it has proven to offer protection and maximum performance to the messenger. 
  • Made of aerodynamic design, which helps transform air and is aerodynamic efficient. 
  • The helmet has an integrated MIPS, which is good for brain protection and avoids impacting your head if you fall on your head. 
  • Also, it has a vivid shield lens technology. 
  • The ventilation on the helmet is good to let the head pores breathe, and if you sweat, it will not be uncomfortable for your head. 


  • It is safe for the manager’s head. 
  • The helmet has ventilation that allows the head to let in oxygen. 
  • Made of a good design, thus t looks good on the messenger’s head.
  • It has a good shield that absorbs the impact in case of a fall. 
  • Light on the head and so does not distract the rider. 


  • It may be tiresome to carry along when not riding 
  • You need to get a perfect size to avoid it falling off. However, that takes a lot of time to know the perfect fit. 

Best Bike Messenger Bag & Gear #2: Schwinn Replacement Bike


The tire is very important for bike messenger gear because you never know when you get a breakdown. Sometimes the messenger may be travelling long distances, so they may get a puncture or hit something that may destroy the bike. 

As a messenger, you can find yourself in an area you are not familiar with, so there are no places to get the bike fixed quickly. So it’s important to always have a spare one in the bag pack. 


  • It is 26 by 1.95 inches, so it’s a good size for most mountain bikes. 
  • The tire has blocky and wide knobs that provide rocky and loose terrain traction. 
  • The tire has outer knobs that extend over the edge for good sidewall protection. 
  • It fits well on the internal rim width of 19mm to 29mm. 
  • The material is made of rubber. 


  • It helps in fixing the bike anytime it has an issue. 
  • The tire can fit well without costing too much time in repairing.  
  • You do not need skills to learn how to replace a tire. 


  • It’s tiresome to carry a wheel around. However, for bikes with a carrier sit, the rider can tie the tire on it. 

Best Bike Messenger Bag & Gear #3: Tire Pump 

As a bike messenger, anything can happen on the road. Some customers live far away from town. Therefore, riding for a long distance may be putting too much pressure on the bike tire. Therefore, a pump must be part of a bike messenger’s gear. It can be tiresome to carry around no matter how important you are. However, some bikes have a space to put them. 


  • The item weight is 6.2 ounces
  • Material made of aluminum
  • The maximum pressure that can be put is 120 pounds per square inch. 
  • It is portable and lightweight because the adult bike pump is only 11.6 inches long. 
  • The pump can be mounted on the bike frame or be carried in the travel bag. 
  • It is good for quick and effective inflation as it can exalt high pressure on the bike for up to 120 psi. 


  • It is efficient for a messenger because it can be easily portable. 
  • The pump is easy and effective when putting pressure on the tire. 
  • Material cannot easily rust as it’s made of aluminum. 
  • It can be mounted on a bike, thus reducing the pressure of carrying it around. 


  • It is not very convenient for every bike as sometimes the tire can fail to get the full pressure it needs. 

Best Bike Messenger Bag & Gear #4: Bike Saddle

As mentioned before, sometimes messengers have to travel long-distance. Therefore, they need a comfortable seat that will not make them keep tossing and turning. Therefore, a bike messenger gear must have a good saddle and even an extra one if the current one gets broken. The good thing about this gear is that you do not need to carry it around. However, you can keep a spare seat for future changes. 


  • The material is made of leather
  • The pad type is foam pad which offers the rider a comfortable sitting position. 
  • It has high-density thick foam, and it also has waterproof wear resistance. 
  • The seat has a streamlined design which looks good on the bike. 
  • A dual shock-absorbing ball is used on the seat, making eth rider stable. 


  • It is comfortable for the rider to sit on for a long-distance journey. 
  • The water-resistant sit makes it easy for the messenger to wash in the morning and will not have to wait for it to dry up. 
  • It has high density, which makes it more comfortable to sit on. 


  • It is not portable. 

Best Bike Messenger Bag & Gear #5: Commuter Backpack 

A commuter backpack is essential for every messenger. Every messenger is employed to deliver something the company will not. Therefore, the bike messenger gear should have a backpack. 

It can be for the sake of carrying the delivery goods or even their lunch and drink. Sometimes they also need a backpack to carry a spare tire and a pump. All in all, a bag is essential. A messenger will feel uncomfortable when the bag is attached to the bike. 

In most cases, the messenger backpack is one pouch with one interior pack. One main zip and other sideline zips may have to keep small equipment like a handkerchief or tissue. The pack is also waterproof because the messenger may ride to places with heavy powers. 


  • It is water-resistant as it’s made of material that does not absorb water, and eth zippers are well designed to avoid water from getting inside.
  • Has a water bottle holder for the messenger to stay hydrated.
  • It has a hidden pocket to keep important valuables that will help the messenger keep private things.
  • The bag is big enough to keep the essentials of the messenger.


  • It is convenient for the messenger to keep essential things. 
  • The bag is waterproof, making it convenient to travel to rainy places. 
  • Messengers can easily carry their water bottle since it has a different place. 


  • It can be heavy if so many things are kept inside and if the messenger is going far. 

Best Bike Messenger Bag & Gear #6: Bike Lights

The messenger must have bike lights because they travel long distances. Sometimes it gets back before they go back to their towns. Therefore, the bike should have lights. Fortunately, there are removable and non-removable bike lights. Therefore, if the messenger goes for a short distance, they can always leave it behind. 


  • It has bright LEDs and has four different lighting modes. 
  • The lights are waterproof, so it’s good for messengers to travel even when it’s raining. 
  • It also has an indestructible light cover which makes it long-lasting. 
  • It has a rechargeable light that makes it convenient for the messenger to keep the lights on. 


  • It is removable.
  • Some bicycles come with a bike light, to save the rider extra cash to buy another one.
  • The bike lights increase eth messenger’s safety.


  • Not all bikes have lights, so the rider has to buy in shops. 

Best Bike Messenger Bag & Gear #7: Bike Locker

A locker is very important to be part of the bike messenger’s gear. The messenger has to visit different homesteads, so his bike’s security is questionable. Therefore, keeping the bike locked when leaving it out in public is always important. 

There are so many materials that can keep the bike safe. However, the Titanker bike chain lock is good because it is unbreakable. Also, it does not involve using a combination that may be hard to remember. 


  • With long chain links, it is very secure and hard to break. 
  • It has a protective cover to avoid specks of dust and looks good on the bike. 
  • The size of the locker is portable. 
  • The material of the locker is alloy steel s.
  • The weight of the item is 2.5 pounds. 


  • It is secure and portable 
  • The locker makes the bike safe
  • It has a protective cover, so it is easy to clean


  • It requires constant lubrication because the lock hole is made of steel. 

Factors to Consider When Buying a Bike Messenger Bag & Gear

The Material 

It would be best if you considered what material has been sued to make the equipment. A good example is a locker that is made of steel. It can rust, and it will be hard to open. Therefore, you need to check if it is made of a much better long-lasting material, or you also have to buy a lubricant. 

The Purpose of the Gear

It is very important to consider why you need that gear. If necessary, you can always get something else to replace it.

The Work of the Messenger

The messenger who delivers newspapers will need different gears to compare to the one delivering food. An example of the difference in gears is eth type of backpack. The food messenger will need a bigger pack compared to the one delivering newspapers. 

Journey Covered Per Day

Gears will be different compared to how many kilometers or meters each is covering per day. Going for a long-distance will need to carry water and even a bike pump. However, the one who is going for a short distance does not need to carry so many things because they can always travel back and pick them. 


Some gears are very costly. So you need to check how much it is so you can know if you will afford it. Not every gear is urgent or necessary, so you do not have to buy it all. It will not be helpful to buy something that is above your budget. If it is so expensive, then you can consider visiting a thrift shop, and it will help in reducing the price. You can also go to an open sale workshop, and it will be at a lower price. 

Type of Bike

The messenger needs to consider the type of bike. In some bikes, you do not need a particular gear. Some of them come with things like lights and helmets. If you’re a cycling enthusiast with a YouTube channel, don’t hesitate to share your bike experiences and tips with a wider audience using Youtubestorm. 

Where to Buy

You need to consider the best place to get good gear. Not every seller will give you the right product. You can choose to buy online or even get a second-hand item. You must get a good recommendation as to where to buy the best items. Some shops only aim to make profits so they can sell products made from low-quality materials. 


The quality of the material is very crucial. Not every item should be trusted. Some manufacturers produce any item with fake material, and eventually, the rider will not be comfortable. Therefore, you need to consider the type of material used to avoid disappointment. 

In Conclusion

The bike messenger gear cannot be avoided when you are called a delivery man. Therefore, you need to know what you need and the factors to consider before buying it. However, not every gear is necessary. You can always live without even needing some items. 

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