What are the Different Types of Cars Available for Rent in Kuwait?

Surrounded by powerful countries like Iran, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Kuwait is a culturally and economically rich country. To make your visit to Kuwait comfortable and fun filled, renting a car is the perfect choice. The car rental industry in Kuwait has grown considerably over the years. Today there are numerous reputed car rental companies offering a wide range of exotic car rental Kuwait. To know more about the type of cars that are available for rent in Kuwait, give this article a read.

Popular Types of Cars for Rent in Kuwait

Car rental companies in Kuwait offer a variety of car rentals for you to choose from. Before starting with your car hunt it is important to know about the type of cars available for you. Some of the popular ones are discussed below:

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Compact Cars

The first in the list of Kuwait car rental are the economy cars that are mostly compact in nature. These types of cars are exclusively for the ones looking for an economy ride in Kuwait. Apart from saving up on extra bucks, a compact car brings along other advantages as well. For instance they are the easiest to handle especially amidst packed roads. Again, you need not worry about parking them as they require very less space. Overall, compact cars  are best for a small group or solo traveling at a decent budget. 


The next category of cars that you may rent in Kuwait are SUVs. Whether you wish to monthly car rental Kuwait, weekly or on a per day basis, the options for SUV rentals are plenty. SUVs are comfortable, safe and high-end technology cars, perfect for long journeys with family and friends. They come with high wheels that contribute towards enhanced height of the car. As a passenger you can have better views of the surrounding of Kuwait all throughout your journey. Popular SUV rentals in Kuwait include Hyundai Palisade, GMC Yukon, BMW X6, and so on.


If you are looking for spacious and luxurious cars for rent in Kuwait with an expanded boot space, you must opt for sedan cars. Sedans are available both in the economy and luxury category. Sedans are suitable for families seeking a smooth and comfortable trip. They can accommodate four passengers with ease. Popular sedans for Kuwait car rental include Hyundai Sonata, Kia K5, Toyota Corolla, Hyundai Accent, etc. 

Luxury Cars

Last but not the least there are luxury cars for rent in Kuwait exclusively for the ones intrigued by style and sophistication. There are also sports cars options that you can choose from in Kuwait. Luxury cars have a distinct charm of their own. From the body, interiors to technology, each and everything is curated with utmost precision. The look and feel of these cars are unmatchable and are a center of attraction always.

Even after being well connected with public transportation, car rent in Kuwait is the most sought after choice. The comfort and flexibility of having a car all to yourself is indeed rare. To book your favorite type of car in Kuwait, OneClickDrive can be your perfect partner and guide. 

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