Spend Some Time Enjoying Bangkok’s Many Attractions

Bangkok. The Big Mango. Krung Thep. The City of Angels. The capital of the Kingdom of Thailand goes by a few different names, but they all refer to one of the most exciting, vibrant, and bustling places on Earth! This Southeast Asian metropolis in sprawls across about 1,570 square kilometres of the Chao Phraya River delta where it meets the Gulf of Thailand and is home to an estimated 9.0 million people, representing about 14% of the nation’s entire population. Bangkok is big, and shiny, and full of a dazzling variety of things to do and see! The city is served by the glittering glass Suvarnabhumi airport, a busy international hub with flights coming and going day and night, which they must do to serve the city’s annual 23 million visitors!

It’s a bit of a shame that a great many of these visitors only stop by for a day or two on their way to visit the kingdom’s famed tropical beaches for a relaxing holiday by the sea, and don’t really get a chance to enjoy all of Bangkok’s many marvellous attractions! There are so many things to do in the city that the best way to experience it would be to find a Thailand condo for rent and stay a few months, that way you might have the time to do at least most of the fun things this cosmopolitan wonderland has to offer!

Say that you can linger a while, and have the time to do a bit of exploring before you rush off to get that beachside suntan- here are just two of the thousands of attractions for you to preview!

Chatuchak Market – This vast semi-outdoor weekend market is counted as being among the largest in the world and is a must-see for anyone visiting Bangkok! Stroll along the market’s open streets past shops selling a multitude of items including live plants, carved wooden toys and furniture, and locally crafted jewellery dotted by little food stands hawking barbecued meat sticks and ice-cold beer. Then dive in to the inner market, a sprawling maze of narrow byways winding beneath a gigantic shadowy ceiling, lined on both sides with a bewildering variety of shops! Musical instruments, cookware, clothing, art supplies, you name it they have it! When your tired feet need a rest just stop at one of the cosy little cafes for some delicious Thai food! 

Chao Phraya River – This winding waterway was Bangkok’s main thoroughfare before the automobile and is still one of the best ways to travel across town. The mighty “River of Kings” offers some of Bangkok’s most scenic vistas to anyone boating down it, the shores are home to some of Thailand’s most gorgeous and iconic temples and monuments. One of the best ways to see these stunning sights is when they are all lit up at night from the decks of a dinner cruise where you can din on delicious Thai cuisine as you steam by the splendours of the spectacular Grand Palace, Wat Arun and many other fantastic temple complexes, and the awe-inspiring majesty of the King Rama VIII Bridge!

There is so much to explore in amazing Bangkok, you will wish you could stay longer! 

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