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Walmart is one of the world’s largest companies, and their automotive department provides an array of car services including oil changes, tire rotations and routine maintenance items at competitive rates compared to traditional auto centers. Customers can visit Walmart store locations for these services which tend to be less costly. Furthermore, this company sells replacement parts and accessories for most makes and models of cars.

Over 2,500 Walmart stores across the US feature auto care centers, many of which provide various car services including oil changes. You can easily locate one near you using Walmart’s auto center locator; no appointment is necessary and services usually take 30 minutes or less to complete.

Walmart Auto Care Centers provide more than just oil changes; their auto care centers also offer other car services like wiper blade installation and multi-point inspections, tire sales and installations by trained tire specialists ranging in cost from $20-50 depending on your tire selections.

If you are considering getting an oil change at Walmart, be aware that their prices tend to be significantly less than at other auto service providers. This is likely because their technicians are employees rather than independent mechanics, plus they purchase oil at wholesale rates which they pass onto customers at lower costs.

Walmart’s battery replacement program is another popular offering at their store. An old or damaged battery can create all sorts of issues for drivers, from slow engine start times to acid leakage leaking out from its cells. Walmart provides an affordable option, and even provides portable chargers!

Walmart Automotive Centers provide tire and wheel services at competitive rates. These include tire sales and installations, rotations and balances as well as wheel alignments and battery diagnostics. Plus, their tire services tend to be faster than other auto service centers!

Walmart auto centers provide an impressive selection of tires. Offering both name-brand and generic varieties at “rollback” prices that offer discounts of up to 20%, you can also browse reviews before making your selection and schedule an installation appointment at your nearest Walmart auto center.

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