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The best PC games to play right now

01. Forza Horizon 5

We’re happy to report that Forza Horizon 5 is getting better every time we play it, even with a bookmaker online. No other racing game is as good as Playground Games. It features a robust and varied set of activities and a racing spectacle that’s designed to keep players engaged.

In Forza Horizon 5, you can explore the streets of Mexico and learn about its various interesting localities. This game’s job is only completed once you have loaded up your bags. There is plenty of fun to be had, as you can design your courses and vehicles, participate in trick races, and hurtle down cliff sides.

  1. It Takes Two

After the critically acclaimed A Way Out, developer Hazelight returns with another co-op adventure, It Takes Two. This time, it’s about a couple who are trying to get a divorce. Their daughter, who has no idea what’s happening, uses a book to get her parents trapped in two dolls. It’s a bit of a surprise that the game’s designer, Josef Fares, is capable of delivering such a strong and engaging story.

It Takes Two is a game that stands out from the crowd due to its numerous ways to work together. Most importantly, it features a variety of gadgets and locations that keep things fresh. It also has several minigames that can be played by everyone.

  1. Rocket League

Unlike other racing games, Rocket League requires players to understand the mechanics of the game. It is a fast-paced arcade sport where vehicles collide at velocities of up to 100 miles per hour. As players learn the controls, they can easily become skilled aerialists, performing tricks such as midair spins and front flip assists. The game’s fun factor is apparent at both the beginner and advanced levels.

You can host a casual tournament with your friends and create a team of four or five players for a fast-paced 1v1 game. You can learn the ins and outs of playing with a group and try to score the most goals as you rotate your goalkeepers. If you’re a hockey fan, you’ll want to switch it up to a different game. Each time you play, you’ll feel like you’re improving, and your first proper goal will be a highlight.

  1. Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered

The game was first released for PlayStation users and immediately fulfilled the desires of those who loved Spider-Man. Its story and the setting in New York were some of the reasons why it has been regarded as one of the best of its kind. Besides a variety of side missions, it also features a story that will keep players entertained even if they need to become more familiar with Marvel’s universe.

Marvel licenses the game and is full of love for Spider-Man. It’s a joy to play and has a great story. The enhanced version for PC also looks great.

  1. Outer Wilds

A whimsical space adventure where a character dies every 22 minutes is captivating. You can explore the world’s wonderfully crafted sci-fi setting and witness it change, with every planet separating before your eyes as it goes through various transformations. As you try your best to comprehend what’s happening, the world goes back to its starting point, and you have another 22 minutes to figure out what’s happening.

This is the perfect time to explore the world’s various interconnected stories. It’s small enough that you can easily reach any planet, and it allows you to interact with the many notable individuals in the world. Unfortunately, it’s not long enough to uncover the truth. However, you can start piecing these stories together as the world continues to get more interesting. The ending is also worth waiting for.

  1. XCOM 2

In XCOM 2, you will start building a strong relationship with your squad as they battle an alien invasion. You’ll also be able to customize their gear and build personalities for them. However, one mistake will destroy their face and prevent you from doing anything about it. It’s an incredibly agonizing experience.

One of the most important factors that you’ll consider when winning in XCOM 2 is the loss. This is because it allows you to quickly identify which pieces of cover to take on and which pieces of cover to leave behind. The controls are simple and intuitive, and once you start a battle, you’ll be barking orders right out of the box. Unfortunately, it can be hard to get through the game’s various modes due to the odd glitch that can occur. Despite this, it’s still a great game to test your tactical skills.

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