Sweet Almond Oil: The Secret Weapon for Fighting Signs of Aging

There are lots of reasons for ageing in one’s skin. It can be caused if you are not eating nutritional foods or if you take a lot of stress. The dullness caused by ageing is something that everyone hates. It is really a task at present to take some out for yourself and take care of your skin. But we don’t have enough time to give to our skin and always look out for short, simple ways to get it. Well, there are some easy and simple skincare routines that can help one achieve a clear and radiant complexion. But for this, you have to be patient and consistent. Because, as there’s a saying, good things take time. Sweet Almond oil has been used since the olden times for our skin. It has amazing benefits on the skin and can help prevent numerous problems. This blog is all about letting you know the benefits and the ways sweet almond oil can be used as a secret weapon of yours for fighting signs of ageing. 

Provides Nourishment- The main reason behind ageing is when the skin doesn’t get enough hydration. The almond oil is rich in many vitamins, which helps to maintain hydration in the skin. It goes deep into the skin and provides nourishment to every cell. Providing hydration to every cell will keep the skin young prevent fine lines and wrinkles, and overall fight ageing.

Repairs Skin- Almond oil works as anti-inflammation for the skin. This oil will protect the skin from future damages and heal the skin from previous breakouts. The oil also protects from the sun rays and  makes your skin healthy. 

Improves Texture- The oil is rich in fatty acids and helps improve skin elasticity. This also increases the collagen level in your skin. It suits every skin type, whether you have dry skin, sensitive skin, combination skin, or oily skin, as it provides nourishment without clogging pores and works for every skin type. This oil helps fade blemishes and even out the skin. If you often get puffiness in your face or, because of the humid environment, your face starts burning, then try using this. This oil helps soothe and calm the skin.

Reduce Stretch Marks- Stretch has been a matter of insecurity for many individuals. Many people don’t like stretch marks and try to cover with foundation or other things. Well it is not something that one should be insecure about but you can reduce the appearance of your stretch marks by using this sweet almond oil. Using it consistently will not only help you reduce the marks but will also help prevent them. This will make your skin smoother and shine. 

Makes Your Skin Healthy- Well there are many skin conditions that one face from acne to dry skin to many others. Although your skin cannot be changed but your skincare product can. The sweet almonds will make your skin glow naturally. 

How to use Sweet Almond Oil on Hair and Skin?

 On Skin 

Step 1: Start by taking a few drops of sweet almond oil on your palm. 

Step 2: With the help of tips of your fingers apply the oil to your body and face.

Step 3: After applying the oil on skin massage it in circular motions until the oil gets absorbed.

The oil provides deep nourishment and moisturisation to your skin and can be used by any  age group and skin type. 

On Hair

Step1: Depending on the length of your hair, take a generous amount of sweet almond oil in your palm.

Step 2: With the help of your finger tips apply the oil evenly to your scalp and hair and comb through. 

Step 3: Let the oil stay for atleast 30 minutes before washing your hair. Fro deep hydration, you can also leave it overnight.

Step 4: Wash your hair and scalp with a mild shampoo. 


The sweet almond oil has numerous benefits for your skin. It is a skincare product that will solve all your problems. Check Shankara India’s sweet almond oil and get amazing results. The best part is that it can be used for your hair as well. 

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