5 Reasons To Go To Palawan

Palawan is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world. Its pristine beaches, natural beauty, and blue waters make it unworldly. Plenty of beach lovers and nature seekers worldwide have visited Palawan in search of a beautiful oasis. Palawan also has coral reefs and a stunning view for snorkelers and divers. 

Let’s cut to the chase. We’ll explore why Palawan is a top destination for weekend warriors and nature lovers! 

Underground and Marine Beauty

The true must-see is not online bingo Philippines but Palawan’s Underground River. It is the world’s most navigable underground river, spanning over 8.2km and found beneath a vast and picturesque mountain range. The underground river emerges directly into the South China Sea. However, it’s not the only natural great beauty found in Palawan. Palawan has crystal clear seas, offering you a unique view of nature. You can enjoy swimming and snorkelling to appreciate Palawan’s reefs. Encounter sea cows, sea turtles, sharks, and dolphins while exploring the marine life paradise Palawan has with its reefs! 

The kind of beauty that Palawan has is “as above, so below”, with its pristine beaches, underwater landscape, diverse marine life, and reefs. The aquatic activities you can do in Palawan will never fail and come up short. Enjoy the underwaters in Palawan! 

Natural Gems

Aside from its lively reefs, another lively treasure in Palawan is Coron. It has a mystical charm and Palawan’s trademark underwater richness. A fleet of Japanese shipwrecks from World War II have made Coron their home. Another view you can enjoy is Kayangan Lake, Which houses emerald waters and high, dramatic cliffs. 

However, we want to remind you that Palawan has a trademark beauty. Stunning beaches and jaw-dropping landscapes populate Palawan. Regardless of whatever town you stay in, finding a beach is inevitable. Spend the whole day there. 

Rich Culture

Another reason to go to Palawan is its rich culture. The Tagbanua and Batak reside in Palawan. Can the people you talk to better explain their colourful festivals, local cuisine, heritage, and practices, which are part of the island’s living heritage? 

The Tagbanua tribal council allowed Palawan to open its sites for tourism. As a result, the number of visitors to Palawan doubled, benefiting the tribe economically. 

The People

Palawan Island is great. Moreover, the Filipinos there are warm and hospitable, especially since friendly locals make up the charm of the Philippines. If you need help, seek no further than the locals, who are always happy to lend a hand! Don’t be afraid – embrace the warm atmosphere, and embrace the culture of Palawan. With the people of Palawan, you can create many memories! 


Seafood lovers, rejoice! Palawan’s food is rich in seafood and is part of the country’s gastronomic experience. The food is freshly caught and affordable; you can fill it during your stay. However, if you want something more adventurous, you can try a woodcock or, perhaps, a crocodile. 

Wrapping Up

Palawan is a beautiful place with natural gems hidden in the land and the water. Moreover, it has a rich cultural heritage, culture, warm people and delicious, fresh food. 

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