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Reasons why you need health insurance

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, health often takes a backseat. We go about our routines, chase dreams, and sometimes neglect the very essence that fuels our aspirations – our health. In vibrant India, where culture and tradition are rich and given high recognition, it is essential to safeguard the most valuable asset: our well-being. Enter health insurance, a financial shield that stands between you and unforeseen medical expenses.

What is health insurance and why you must opt for it?

Picture this: you are cruising through life when suddenly a medical emergency throws you off course. Without a safety net, medical bills can quickly snowball into a financial avalanche. This is where health insurance steps in as a guardian of your savings and a protector of your health.

Top reasons to buy health insurance plans

Financial safety net

In a country where medical costs are rising faster than a summer thermometer, health insurance is your financial umbrella. It shields you from the unpredictable storms of medical expenses, ensuring that your savings remain intact.

Imagine your health as a ship navigating the sea of uncertainties. Health insurance is the anchor that keeps you grounded, especially in a country where medical costs seem to have started on a journey to the stratosphere. It’s your financial safety net, a sturdy umbrella that shields you from the downpour of unpredictable medical expenses. With health insurance, you can weather the storm without fearing for the integrity of your savings, ensuring they stay robust and ready for whatever challenges lie ahead.

Access to quality healthcare

Opting for health insurance opens doors to top-notch medical facilities. You are not restricted to a narrow network; instead, you can choose healthcare providers based on your needs and preferences.

Health policy is like a key that unlocks the doors to a vertical of medical possibilities. No longer you are restricted to a limited network; in place, you have complete freedom to select healthcare providers that resonate with your individual preferences and needs. It is not only about healthcare coverage, but also about endowing you to make the choices that is in line with your well-being. With health policy, you are not only a patient, but you also become a decision-maker in your medical journey.

Customised plans for all ages

Whether you’re a fresh graduate or enjoying the golden years of retirement, there’s a health insurance plan tailored just for you. These plan factor in the age-linked health risks, allowing comprehensive cover at every life stage.

Note that health policy is not a one-size fit all, it is a customised suit personalised to match every life stage. Whether you are stepping into an umbworld as fresh graduate or savouring the old age years of retirement, there is a plan that meets your unique health requirements. Such plans are like tailored options, considering age-linked health risks and offering comprehensive cover that grows with you through distinct life chapters.

Tax benefits

Ah, the sweet sound of tax savings! Health insurance premiums are not only an expenditure, but they are also an investment in your well-being that even brings tax benefits as per Section 80 D.

Think of medical insurance premiums as double-edged product, on one side, they protect your health and on the other side, offer tax benefits. This is a win-win scenario where you not just invest in your being but even make the most out of the tax savings.

Critical illness coverage

India, like many nations, grapples with the increasing incidence of critical illnesses. Health insurance plans often cover these, offering a lifeline during challenging times and ensuring you get the best possible treatment without straining your finances.             

In the face of life’s uncertainties, critical illness coverage in health insurance plans becomes the guardian angel of your well-being. India, like a battlefield, faces the onslaught of critical illnesses, and health insurance stands as a shield. It’s your financial ally during challenging times, ensuring that when faced with a critical illness, your focus remains on recovery, not on the burden of medical expenses. It’s the safety net that catches you when life throws its toughest curveballs.

No claim bonus

A healthy lifestyle should be rewarded, right? Well, health insurance plans in India often come with a ‘No Claim Bonus,’ where you get a boost in coverage or a reduction in premiums if you don’t file any claims during the policy period.

Imagine your health as a garden, and a ‘no claim bonus’ is the bouquet of flowers that blossom when you nurture it well. Health insurance plans recognise and reward a healthy lifestyle with this unique bonus. It’s a pat on the back for maintaining good health—a boost in coverage or a reduction in premiums, a tangible acknowledgement that your commitment to well-being doesn’t go unnoticed.

Maternity coverage

Starting a family is a joyous occasion, but it comes with its share of medical expenses. Many health insurance plans include maternity coverage, easing the financial burden during this special phase of life.

The journey to parenthood is a magical chapter in life, but it also brings with it a set of financial considerations. Health insurance steps in as the fairy godmother, waving away the worries associated with maternity expenses. Maternity coverage is the magic wand that ensures your focus remains on the joy of welcoming a new life, not on the burden of medical bills.

Cashless hospitalisation

Imagine walking into a hospital, receiving treatment, and walking out without reaching for your wallet. That’s the magic of cashless hospitalisation, a feature offered by many health insurance plans in India. It streamlines the entire process, leaving you to focus on recovery.

Picture this: you’re in need of medical attention, and all you need to carry is your hope for recovery, not a hefty wallet. That’s the enchantment of cashless hospitalisation, a feature that turns the often-stressful process of settling bills into a seamless experience. Health insurance plans that offer cashless hospitalisation ensure that your focus remains where it should be—on your journey to recovery, not on financial logistics.

Preventive healthcare

Many health insurance plans offer preventive care benefits, encouraging policyholders to take up a healthier lifestyle. Periodical screening, health check-ups, and wellness programs are usually included, fostering a proactive approach to stability.

Health insurance policy is not only about dealing with illnesses when they hit, but also about preventing them from hitting on your door initially. Many health insurance plans take up the preventive healthcare concept, providing a toolkit for a better lifestyle.

Global coverage

Some health insurance plans extend their coverage beyond Indian borders. If you’re a globetrotter or have loved ones residing abroad, these plans ensure that distance doesn’t hinder access to quality healthcare.

Health knows no boundaries, and neither should your access to quality healthcare. For those with a global footprint or loved ones scattered across the world, health insurance plans with global coverage become a bridge connecting you to healthcare excellence, regardless of geographical distances. It is the assurance that, no matter where life takes you, your health is a priority that transcends borders.


In the vast vertical of uncertainties, health insurance emerges as an assurance. It is not just a policy; it is a promise to safeguard your health and wealth. So, as you go through the dynamic currents of life, let health insurance be your anchor—a reliable companion that ensures your well-being remains a top priority.

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