Monsoon Magic: Waterfalls and Rainy Season Retreats Near Bangalore

The lush greenery and flowing waterfalls that surround Bangalore are at their most vibrant during the monsoon season, enchanting visitors with their natural beauty. As weather alters the landscape into a scenic wonderland, numerous individuals search for retreats in the vicinity of the city to fully appreciate its beauty. This blog enumerates a selection of prime destinations within traveling distance of Bangalore that provide the ideal monsoon getaway. To explore these places with ease, a Banglore car rental service can be booked.

Destinations Near Bangalore

Some of the top locations offering waterfalls and retreats near Bangalore during monsoons are highlighted below. Booking a Bangalore taxi service makes visiting these destinations easily accessible within short driving distances from the city.

Hebbe Falls 

Located just outside Bangalore city limits, Hebbe Falls is a scenic 18-foot cascade amidst lush greenery. The gushing waters form a beautiful mini waterfall, making for an enchanting sight, especially during and after heavy monsoon rains between June and September. At these times, large volumes of water can be seen plunging over the rocky cliffs into the stream below. Visitors can spend a few hours photographing the falls from different angles, capturing the play of light on water, or having a relaxing picnic by the streams with family and friends.

Shivanasamudra Falls 

About 100 km from Bangalore lies the magnificent Shivanasamudra Falls, one of the most spectacular waterfalls in South India. It is actually composed of two separate falls – the Gagana Chukki, which is the largest at 83 feet wide, and the Bharachukki. 

Together, they form Asia’s first hydroelectric project, with the segmental falls creating beautiful rainbows as they cascade nearly 90 feet into the canyon below. During peak monsoon season, massive volumes of water can be seen hurtling over the cliff. Birdwatchers can spot over 100 exotic species like the Malabar trogon, gray hornbill, and purple-rumped sunbirds along the banks and trails overlooking the falls.  

Chunchi Falls 

Nestled deep inside the scenic rolling hills and dense bamboo forests of Chunchanakatte, about 60 km from Bangalore, is the picturesque Chunchi Falls. A 1-2 hour trek through lush greenery and forest trails leads visitors to the cascading waters, where one can spend time soaking in the peaceful and refreshing surroundings. Short hiking paths also lead further into the hills, opening up scenic vistas. The monsoon season between June and September is the best time to visit when water levels are high. Trekking guides can be hired for those wishing to explore the trails winding through the hills.


Located deep inside the BR Hills Wildlife Sanctuary, about 130 kms from Bangalore, Bheemeshwari is a picturesque Cauvery riverine retreat surrounded by dense forests and hills. Apart from activities like boating and coracle rides on the tranquil river waters, which are a delight during monsoons, the place offers adventure activities like white water rafting and kayaking for more adrenaline. Nature trails lead visitors to spots for wildlife sightings of animals like elephants, deer, and reptiles, as well as over 200 bird species, including the Malabar trogon. Forest department guides can be hired for these trails. Accommodation is available at the comfortable jungle resort.

BR Hills 

At over 900m above sea level and about 120 km from Bangalore, the Biligiriranga Swamy Temple Hills, popularly known as BR Hills, offer magnificent views of the misty hills, valleys, and forests around. Key attractions include the ancient Somanathapura and Yediyur temples, dating back to the Hoysala era, with intricate carvings. 

Over 20 trekking trails of varying difficulty lead through scenic spots in the hills. Camping amidst thick forests and trekking under starry skies make for memorable experiences. During monsoons, the hills come alive in a lush green hue as waterfalls cascade down. Trekking guides can be hired for longer trails to spots like Kallathigiri, Kotebetta, and Kavikebetta.

Wrapping Up

These beautiful places, which feature waterfalls, lush greenery, and adventure opportunities, must be visited in order to appreciate the enchantment of the monsoon that envelops Bangalore completely. The convenient way to explore these locales is by booking a chauffeur-driven rental cab from Bangalore car rental service like Savaari. Savaari, one of the top Bangalore Taxi Service providers in India, guarantees a pleasant and trouble-free ride in their high-end vehicles. They make exploring the monsoon marvels near the city effortless and pleasurable through their dependable services.

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