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Keep It Cool: 3 Ways To Make Your Dental Visit More Peaceful

We’re dentists and we get it: most people absolutely hate visiting us. But it’s okay, we don’t feel too rejected, especially as we know it’s just a result of one of life’s many phobias. In this instance, it’s called dentophobia: the dreaded fear of visiting your dental clinic!

Studies indicate that around 16% of Australians have a high dental fear. That’s a lot of Aussies doing their best to avoid their local clinic. Unfortunately, this fear also increases the risk of dental problems amongst the population, problems that become serious when left untreated for too long.

This is why numerous methods and techniques exist to make the process much smoother for Australians. Here, we are going to list five awesome ways to make visiting your clinic that much more chilled:

  • Seek sleep dentistry

The best dentist sleep Glen Iris and surrounding areas has available can make this a far more (if not completely) pleasant experience for you. Because, low and behold, it’s 2024, and sleep dentistry is an option for people who truly dread visiting their local clinic.

There are numerous options available with each one designed to provide a level of sedation that eases (or completely alleviates) both the pain and anxiety associated with a dental procedure. It is conducted through administering a sedative that relaxes the body to a state of calm.

What’s more, it large, if not entirely, reduces any pain you may have otherwise felt throughout your procedure. Many adults have avoided going to their clinic for years due to their anxieties without ever finding out this wonderful treatment exists.

It’s important to know that, yes! It is available and, yes! You can experience its wonderful benefits by calling your Glen Iris clinic.

  • Mindfulness techniques

Mindfulness is still a rather foreign concept for many people. But it has been a game changer for people who experience some kind of anxiety in their lives. The same goes for dental anxiety, as practising mindfulness techniques in the buildup to your appointment and in the waiting room can help ease any fears or concerns you have about the appointment.

The main mindfulness techniques used to alleviate dentophobia are breathing techniques: focusing on your breathing to avoid getting swept up in anxiety about your future appointment. This is because the main point of breathing techniques are to bring you back to the present moment whilst forgetting about anything concerning the future.

You can even practise these techniques whilst you wait in the dental clinic – they might just help you enter your dentist’s office with a heightened sense of calm.

  • Choose a trusted expert

The Australian dental industry is of an incredibly high standard, meaning it’s almost harder to find a bad dentist than it is to find a really good one. However, it’s still important to do your research into whether the potential expert you see has the care and compassion to calm your nerves during what may be a pretty unpleasant time for you.

After all, we’ve all had unpleasant experiences with health professionals who displayed little care for your concerns regarding your own health – it’s a very nasty experience.

Therefore, it’s always good to research whether or not the prospective expert has that compassionate streak – it can make all the difference to your sense of calm and ease when visiting the clinic.

These three tips can make all the difference when it comes to any anxiety you hold about visiting your dental clinic – be sure to try them and see if you have a better experience next time!

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