How to verify blogger website in Google search console ? Fast

So friends, today in this article, I will share with you how to verify a blogger website in the search console, so that you post your article, Google will know that you have posted an article and Google will find it in its Google If you index it in the search console,

Today in this article we are going to know how you can connect your website to the Google search console, so let’s know.

So friends, before proceeding further in the article, let me tell you some important points which you have to follow first, if you are going to connect your website in Google Search Console, then let us know those points.


  1. So the first important point is that there must be 1 article on your website if you are going to connect to Google Search Console.
  2. The second important point is that your website should be completely complete.
  3. And the third important point is that all the important settings of your website should be enabled.

How To Verify Blogger Website In Search Console?

Now I will share with you the steps you can follow to connect your blogger website to Google Search Console.

Step 1:- Go to google and type Google search console after searching now.

Step 2:-  Click on the first website.

Step 3 :- After opening the website click the “start now” button.




Step 4:- Copy your website URL and paste it into the right box of the URL prefixes.


google search console


Step 5:- After pasting the URL click on the continue button.

Step 6:- After following these steps you do not need to verify your website because the google search console automatically verifies your website.


auto verify google search console


Step 7:- Now your website is connected to the google search console. and now you can see all matrix of your website.


verify blogger website in search console


If Your Website Is Not Automatically Verified

If your website is not automatically verified, then you can use this method, which I am going to tell you now, so let’s also know about this method.

So friends, when Google Search Console does not verify your website automatically, then the reason is that your website is built on another Gmail ID, so if you are creating Google Search Console with your second Gmail ID, then how to verify it? let me tell you about it
1. So as soon as you continue by entering the URL of your website, then inside the Google Search Console, you get to see a popup in which some codes are given, then you have to copy the HTML tag from them.
html trag code copy
2. Now after copying the HTML tag code, you have to go inside your blogger website.
3. After that you have to click on the theme option
bloger dashboard


4. After that click on the option of customers and go to edit html.
blogger html edit


5. Now you have to find the <head> option and then paste the code you copied below it.
blogger edit html code


6. After pasting the html tag code you have to save.
save edit html blogger


Now after doing all these steps, you have to go to your Google Search Console and click on the Done option, then the website will be connected to your Google Search Console and will also be verified.


So, friends, these were all those with which you can connect your website to Google Search Console and tell Google that you have created a website so that Google can index your website in Google and whatever traffic is there on your website. If you can show all its data, then it is used for this work, Google search console is connected like this, I have told you all the methods in this one article.
So if you like the information given in our article, then definitely tell us by commenting.

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