Friend-Filled Fun: 5 Online Activities to Try

Having fun with friends doesn’t always mean you have to meet eye to eye just to have fun. Especially with the internet, which enables you to do many things virtually, you can now enjoy your time with your friends. 

So, skip the dressing up part and drive to a particular place to spend time because there are many online activities to try. Especially if you are currently living far away from friends, don’t worry, as you can now bond with them. Hence, are you looking for ways to have a blast with your friends online? Here are some of the friend-filled online activities to try.

Virtual Game Nights

Who said that game nights should be done face-to-face? Fortunately, you can access many games simultaneously using your smart devices. Consider hosting a virtual game night to play games like Jili, Among Us, and other online versions of classic board games like Monopoly. Not only will it unleash the competitive side in you, but some games also encourage teamwork for their games. Many websites and apps offer multiplayer options for classic board games.

Online Karaoke Night

Tell me you’re a Filipino without telling me you’re a Filipino. Karaoke is one of the highlights of every gathering, enabling you to choose your favorite song and sing your heart out. It’s like having your concert, even if you’re not a real singer. The good thing is that karaoke apps and websites now allow you to sing your favorite songs together virtually. So take turns singing solos or doing duets and group performances for a friend-filled fun night!

Netflix Party

Do you like watching movies and series? Then Netflix Party is a viable option for you. Watch films or binge-watch TV shows together using the Netflix Party browser extension to sync your streams. You can watch simultaneously and have real-time conversations with your friends. This type of video streaming makes it feel like you’re all in the same room. So, forget about watching your favorite movies and shows alone and prepare to organize a Netflix party with your friends.

Online Trivia

If you like trivia and learning new things, this online activity is for you! Challenge your friends with virtual trivia nights for some friendly competition. While you can personally come up with the game, there are also platforms you can find on the internet that will provide you with online trivia so that everyone can join and have fun. Spend the night competing with your friends and bringing out the brightness in each of you.

Book Club

Finally, if your circle is into reading, you can create an online book club with your friends. Why not choose a book each month and discuss your favorite reads? During virtual meetings, the online book club will enable you to share recommendations and discuss the book’s themes, characters, and plot twists. Further, you can host author Q&A sessions and other games relating to the books you’ve read or are planning to read.

Wrapping Up

These are merely a few recommendations to help you stay in touch and enjoy yourself with your pals online. However, these online activities are best for a virtual fun night with friends. Just remember to make sure to consider everyone’s interests so that every one of you will enjoy it.

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