Embark on a Culinary Adventure: Pita and Hummus Delights at Naf Naf Grill in Chicago, IL

Chicago may arguably be the best-known city for a foodie, given its vast array of cuisines that appeal to everyone’s taste and budget. It is no wonder then, that the city has a host of unique and exciting local restaurants, some of which are perfect for culinary adventures. Naf Naf Grill, located at several locations throughout Chicago, including The Loop and River North, is a unique and fresh “Middleterranean” restaurant, serving tantalizing varieties of succulent pita and delicious hummus dishes. In this blog post, we’ll take you on a journey through the culinary delights Menu for Naf Naf Grill in Chicago, IL.

At Naf Naf Grill, you will quickly notice the mouth-watering aroma of freshly grilled pitas filled with their signature falafel, shawarma, or chicken. Here, the culinary philosophy of making food with fresh and wholesome ingredients is evident in the vibrant colors, rich flavors, and unique textures of each dish. One of the significant highlights of Naf Naf Grill’s menu is their delectable hummus, which is available in flavors such as garlic, classic, roasted red pepper, and even a seasonal pumpkin flavor! They also offer an array of sides, from the crispy pita chips and baba ghanoush to the sweet and tangy red cabbage. Our top recommendation? Ask for their heartwarming soup of the day to pair with your main dish – you won’t regret it!

Next up is the traditional pita bread, made fresh in-house, that comes in a convenient triangular wrap, perfect for devouring with either a side or as a meal in itself. Their falafel pita, completely veg-friendly, is a popular option. The freshly fried falafel, mild-spicy Cilantro Jalapeno Hummus, crisp greens, pickled veggies, and creamy tahini sauce create a magical harmony of flavors that you don’t want to miss. Perhaps the reason Naf Naf’s shawarma is so adored is that they marinate the meat for 24 hours, creating a depth and intensity of flavor that’s unparalleled. The chicken shawarma pita is fantastic paired with the garlicky hummus and crispy pita chips.

For those who prefer a bowl rather than a pita wrap, the rice bowls are another tantalizing option comprising the same delicious options as the pita. Our favorite goes to the grilled chicken bowl. The luscious, flavourful chicken surrounded by fresh tabbouleh, and buttery hummus is a flavor bomb that could quickly become your go-to dish. Another top recommendation would be to order a side of crispy golden fries, which add a fun, crispy texture to the meal and help to balance out the bold, rich flavors of the protein and hummus.

Food is more than just fuel, it’s an adventure. The flavorful combinations of spices, textures, and aromas offer an unparalleled experience for all of your senses. This is exactly the case at Naf Naf Grill in Chicago, IL, where culinary delights are just waiting to be enjoyed. Pita and hummus are two of their signature dishes, and once you take one bite, you’ll understand why. Here’s why you should embark on a culinary adventure with pita and hummus delights at Naf Naf Grill in Chicago.

A Robust Blend of Spices:

One of the signature features that sets Naf Naf Grill apart is their robust blend of spices. Their hummus is like no other, with smoky and nutty undertones. This is achieved through their traditional recipe, which boasts generous amounts of tahini, freshly squeezed lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil. They also add their signature blend of spices, which includes everything from cumin and coriander to paprika and smoked paprika. All of these spices come together for a one-of-a-kind hummus recipe that pairs perfectly with their freshly baked pita bread.

Freshly Baked Pita:

Speaking of pita, Naf Naf Grill’s freshly baked pita is another feature that can’t be missed. They make their pita dough from scratch every day, and then bake it fresh to order. The result is a warm and fluffy pita that’s the perfect canvas for any of their signature dishes. Whether you’re enjoying hummus, falafel, or shawarma, the pita takes the dish to the next level. With a slight char from the grill and a pillowy texture, Naf Naf Grill’s pita is a must-try.

Endless Flavor Possibilities:

One of the best things about pita and hummus at Naf Naf Grill is that the flavor possibilities are endless. Their menu features a variety of different hummus flavors, from classic to spicy red pepper. They also have a variety of add-ons and toppings, such as olive oil, parsley, and pickled vegetables. With all of these options, it’s easy to customize your perfect dish. And if you’re feeling adventurous, you can try one of their pita sandwiches, which are loaded with shawarma or falafel and topped with a variety of fresh vegetables and sauces.

A Great Value:

Another great perk of dining at Naf Naf Grill is the value. For the quality of food and portion size, the prices are very reasonable. You can easily enjoy a filling and flavorful meal for under $10. And with locations throughout Chicago, it’s easy to find one that’s convenient for you.

A Culinary Adventure:

Overall, dining at Naf Naf Grill is a culinary adventure that you don’t want to miss. With their signature blend of spices, freshly baked pita, and endless flavor possibilities, it’s a feast for the senses. Plus, with unbeatable value, it’s an experience that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re a local or visiting Chicago, a visit to Naf Naf Grill for their pita and hummus delights is a must. 


Naf Naf Grill in Chicago, IL, is the perfect place to experience a truly Middleterranean culinary experience. With fresh ingredients, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and unique takes on classic dishes, Naf Naf Grill is a must-visit for anyone who is seeking a fresh and flavorful meal. Whether you’re in the mood for a fresh falafel wrap, chicken shawarma rice bowl, or pumpkin hummus dip, you’re sure to find a flavor combination you’ll love at Naf Naf Grill. Delight your taste buds today by embarking on a culinary adventure at this fantastic restaurant!

If you’re ready to embark on a culinary adventure, a visit to Naf Naf Grill in Chicago, IL is a must. Their pita and hummus delights are like no other, with signature blends of spices and freshly baked pita. With endless flavor possibilities and unbeatable value, it’s the perfect place to explore and savor. So, in the words of Naf Naf Grill, “let’s feast!”

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