Get The Taste Of Andhra In Chennai With These Delightful Dishes

Andhra Pradesh, the ancient place of the Nawabs, is recognized all over the country for its aromatic and spicy food. From its fascinating biryani to a regional variety of pickles and chutneys to the authentic South Indian dishes of Dosa, Vada, and Uthappam, Andhra Pradesh is one of the finest states known for its culinary gems. So, indulge in the various delicious dishes from Andhra Pradesh served by the best Andhra restaurants in Chennai

Top Andhra Dishes Offered By Restaurants In Chennai

Andhra Pradesh’s menu is varied and provides a wide range of dishes to select from. A few of the most popular dishes are:

1. Chicken 65

Chicken 65 is one of the must-try dishes of Andhra for its alluring mix of spices and a deep-fried, crunchy consistency. This famous South Indian dish, generally prepared with marinated chicken, is seasoned with several flavourful spices. The name Chicken 65 has an unknown origin; it might depict the number of days of marination or ingredients.

This dish has a tempting mix of flavours, consisting of the heat from red chillies and the intensity of garlic and ginger. Chicken 65 is a preferred appetiser and side dish for several people. The blast of flavour and texture in Chicken 65 makes it a culinary heaven. It is worth relishing for anybody looking for a tasty non-veg dish. Its unique flavours make it an outstanding option for an individual looking to discover a different world of South Indian food.

2. Egg Fried Rice

Andhra-style egg fried rice is a hot, spicy, and yet delicious dish that many Andhra restaurants in Chennai serve to people. This dish is made in a super hot frying pan or wok with scrambled or jumbled eggs, cooked rice, vegetables, Chinese sauces, and flavourful spice powders. It is also a well-known fast food dish, as it can be prepared within minutes.

Egg fried rice is a special dish due to its specific mix of aromatic spices that offer it a different flavour. The use of garam masala, chicken masala and red chilli powder offers this dish a spicy kick that will definitely stimulate your taste buds.

3. Mutton Chukka Varuval

Mutton chukka varuval is a mouth-watering, delicious dish from South Indian Chettinad cuisine. Chukka, which means dry curry, is a mutton dish roasted in a pan and prepared with soft goat meat. It is cooked with spices, onions, ginger, and garlic. Varuval mutton is a unique dish recognised for its increased spiciness and taste. The mutton is perfected when effectively cooked, dark, and leaves the bone. It is best eaten with rice or chapati.

Mutton chukka varuval is a simple dish that does not include yoghurt or tomatoes. A good squash of lemon juice at the end will take this dish to a subsequent level. You can enjoy this dish out of Andhra, too, as the various Andhra restaurants in Chennai serve it.

4. Fish Fry

Fish can be prepared and savoured in different ways, and the use of several Indian spices makes them even tastier. Fish fry, also called Chepa Vepudu, is an easy fish fry dish from the Andhra menu. If you like seafood or fish, then you are surely going to enjoy Chepa Vepudu or fish fry. The fish is soaked with the spices and shallow-fried in a pan until crisp. This fish fry is best eaten with rice and dal and served by the top Andhra restaurants in Chennai.

5. Chicken Biryani

Chicken biryani is another famous dish of Andhra Pradesh. It is a culinary treat that must be on all food lovers’ must-try list. This savoury dish mixes the aromatic and rich spices of Andhra meal with the pleasant and heartfelt essence of biryani. The unique combination of spices, the juiciness of the soaked chicken, and the aromatic rice offer a balanced meal for any non-veg lover.

What makes this dish popular is the best use of spices, specifically the red chillies, which imbue the dish with a delectable kick. The must-try thing of Andhra-style chicken biryani is its ability to take your inclination to the heart of South India. Even if you relish this dish in one of the top Andhra restaurants in Chennai or cook it in your kitchen, this delicacy provides an authentic taste of South India.

6. Plain Dosa

Dosa, also known as Dosai in the Tamil language, is the most popular South Indian breakfast dish in India and the rest of the world. Dosa is usually crunchy or soft crepes prepared with ground lentils and fermented rice batter. The plain dosa does not include potato stuffing or masala. Therefore, you can enjoy the plain dosa with sambar and coconut chutney.

7. Kal Dosai

Kal dosai is one of the prominent spongy and soft dosa varieties available in Andhra Pradesh and is also served by the finest Andhra restaurants in Chennai. It is somewhat thicker than the normal dosa. This essential breakfast dish is prepared with raw rice, parboiled rice, and urad dal. The batter of this dosa is fermented well to obtain spongy and soft dosas! It is generally prepared and served in restaurants and is normally thicker in comparison to conventional or plain dosa. It only melts when eaten with chutney, such as coconut chutney and a sambar side dish.

8. Podi Uthappam

Podi uthappam is a regular dish that emerged from Tamil Nadu. It is a type of dosa but with a change. Different from dosa, podi uthappam is soft and thick yet tasty. It can either be prepared with the normal idli dosa batter, or it can be cooked separately by combining the boiled rice and urad dal in a specific proportion. This is one of the best delicacies served by the several Andhra restaurants in Chennai.


The food of Andhra Pradesh is a delightful and varied reflection of the state’s affluent culture and history. If you are looking for the taste of Andhra Pradesh in Chennai, then you must try the dishes mentioned above served by the best Andhra restaurants in Chennai. Also, you can order these dishes online at Swiggy and get them delivered to your doorstep instantly. 

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