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Differences Between the Dell PowerEdge R440 and the R540

Dell PowerEdge presents you with high-quality tower servers to overcome challenges in the modern office environment. PowerEdge servers have integrated protection systems. These advanced security features will allow you to build trust before turning on your server. Regardless of your workloads and the available software stack, you can rely on PowerEdge servers – R440 versus R540.

Memory of the servers:

Dell PowerEdge R440 comes with a 2-processor configuration and 16 active memory slots. You can outfit the slots with load-reduced or registered memory modules. Using scalable and flexible processors, this memory is designed to run at 2666MT/s. You can combine them with the desired memory configuration and processor.

In case of Dell PowerEdge R540, there is a unique memory arrangement because the CPU gets 10 DIMM slots. On the contrary, another CPU turns on 6 attendant slots. PowerEdge R540 relies on the LRDIMM or RDIMM memory. The dual CPUs can manage up to 512GB.

Performance of the server:

Dell R440 performs well with Xeon Scalable processors from Intel. It allows Administrators to customize the system to meet your business needs. The PowerEdge R440 server is compatible with single or dual Intel Xeon Scalable processors with 22 cores each. If you want better storage performance, you may outfit the system with multiple 3.5-inch NVMePCIe SSDs. On the contrary, the Dell PowerEdge R540 server motherboard includes an Intel C622 processor.


Dell PowerEdge R440 has a front drive to hold 4 (3.5-inch each) to 10 (2.5-inch each) drives each. There is a 10-bay chassis to accommodate 4PCIe drives or NVMe SSDs for the optimum capacity (around 48TB). The setups with 4 and 8 drives are compatible with the slimline optical device. The best drives you can use are SATA and SAS. The PERC HD/RAID controller is also installable in the slot with the integrated riser.

Dell PowerEdge R540 is also a perfect choice that combines the performance and value of your growing business. The dual Xeon Scalable 2U rack server works with various apps, such as video surveillance and messaging apps. It can deal with the 12TB hard disks. Thus, there is an incredible storage capacity, which is important for your business

The PowerEdge R540 has 8/12 LFF front drive bays, and you can improve them using a 2-bay carrier. The server gives you value with considerable storage space. Though Dell EMC provides lower-capacity SFF drives, they need an adapter to use an LFF carrier.

More about the PowerEdge servers:

Dell PowerEdge R440 and R540 servers are remotely accessible with the OpenManage app. The mobile app works with the Quick Sync 2.0 that is fitted to the server ear. It also presents system status and facilitates troubleshooting. You can also configure the app to receive alerts. The Dual SD Card Module includes SD cards for the hypervisor. There is also an extra vFlash card, which stores disk images.

So, you can now compare these servers from Dell and pick the right one for your needs.

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