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Best Valorant Skins of All time

Valorant is famous not just because of its excellent gameplay, but also because of the fantastic cosmetics for the game’s weapons. Riot Games has this incredible team of super-talented developers and artists who pour loads of time into crafting all this one-of-a-kind, playable stuff for Valorant. The skins on the weapons look awesome, with some amazing visual effects and finishers. 

The best VALORANT skins are the ones with multiple variants and a unique finisher to show off when you score the final kill in a round. Even though you can’t resell them like in Counter-Strike, players still love adding them to their collections. They add a lot of sentimental value, and players love showing them off, especially when they’re pulling off epic Aces.

Top 5 Valorant Weapon Skins

Here are the top 5 VALORANT weapon skins of all time. It is best to buy them when they appear in the store, or if you missed out on some, you can also purchase Valorant accounts with skins from

Championship 2023 Kunai

The Champions Kunai is pretty much like the Valorant Go! Vol 1 Kunai in terms of animation. But the cool part is that as you rack up more kills, the kunai changes its look slightly. This dagger rocks a sleek black blade with some fancy gold detailing and a neat symbol on the hilt, all set against a cool purple glow.

Radiant Entertainment System Ghost

The Radiant Entertainment System is a total throwback to those classic arcade games. The best part? You can play the games through your weapons and melee just by inspecting them. The primary colors of this weapon are blue and red, jazzed up with some yellow highlights. Plus, it’s got all these cool on-screen interface bits that show off its high-tech vibe.

Bound Classic 

Bound is another wickedly cool skin that immediately captures your attention. It has a unique combination of metal and organic elements that set it apart from others. The design is very modern, with sleek curved lines and bits that resemble a moon symbol. The colour scheme is this attractive blue-grey with highlights of brown and orange.

Gaia’s Vengeance Vandal

Gaia’s Vengeance collection draws inspiration from the Greek Goddess Gaia, symbolizing the Earth. The skin design is both attractive and imaginative, complete with impressive animations. The weapon’s main body is white, with bright red elements that stand out against the base, giving off a vibe like they’re radiating energy. The finisher is unique, too – it turns your enemy into a serene, majestic tree infused with elemental magic.

Prime Vandal

The Prime Vandal is a big hit among Valorant players and has been a favorite since it first came out about three years ago. The weapon’s contrasting colors are enhanced by a vibrant glow that simply looks amazing. But the real treat is the Prime skin set’s firing sound, which is extremely clean and crisp. Its geometric dragon finisher is a fun way to cap off a victory.

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