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Bedding Down for Restful Sleep; Roadblocks to a Restoration

How much time do you spend sleeping? On average 33% of our lives are spent in the dream world. Let us compare various ways to increase the quality of your sleep to increase the quality of your day. Many of us suffer from diverse afflictions distracting us from peaceful sleep.

The nagging feelings of worry or apprehension, known as anxiety, are common. From general to focused severe anxiety, falling and staying asleep can be difficult. 

A sleep-related respiration disorder called sleep apnoea causes periods of shallow or paused breathing. Severe snoring, gasping, and choking can be heard and observed during an afflicted person’s slumber. 

Some of us contend with the aching, itching, tingling feeling of restless legs syndrome. Those suffering from RLS feel the urge to move their legs for relief from crawling feelings on their legs.

One or more of these disorders or others can cause insomnia. The inability to fall asleep at night is followed by daytime grogginess, irritability, and low energy.

Sleep debt is a term used when these issues continue to disrupt your rest long enough to contribute to mental and physical health problems. You will need to employ all tactics to correct your sleep, such as;

  • Choose the correct bedding. There are many factors that cause or interrupt comfort while in bed.
  • Is your mattress too hard or soft?
  • Is your bed too small?
  • Are your pillows helping or hindering your slumber?
  • Does your bedding fit correctly? 
  • Declutter the room and only use the space for sleeping if possible. 
  • Include plants for clean air while you sleep. 
  • A light breeze from a fan or a quiet air purifier can assist in noise cancellation.
  • Remove pets. I know this can be difficult but your happiness in life could require you to find a new pet bed.
  • Your body and mind need rest. Your brain needs much less than your muscles to recover from daily activity. One very effective way to mitigate sleep issues is to be exhausted at the end of the day. Regular daily physical exertion and exercise will wear your body out. 
  • Remove daytime naps from your schedule. Many of us fell into a slump in the afternoon. It is part of our circadian rhythm that needs adjustment. Are you feeling groggy? Go for a walk.
  • No food intake within 3 hours of bed. No water within 1 hour. Ingestion of food triggers body systems to function. Your brain cannot be silent while processing systems function.
  • Of course, we don’t want problems in our lives, and we must address the problems that do arise. Procrastination makes your mind work on a problem more than is necessary. 
  • Creating a restful environment in your bedroom is important. Design a separate feel containing calming colours. 

If you focus on this problem, you can defeat it. Your rest is worth your every effort. Your physical and mental health demand it. Step by step address each issue we talked about. Don’t fall asleep on this duty. Never rest until your rest is better than ever. 

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