What Happened to Marvel Slots? 

Playtech created many Marvel slots that were widely considered the best online slots. Ironman, Spiderman, The Incredible Hulk, and Thor were some of the famous characters that allowed Playtech to appeal to comic book fans. Playtech created over 20 different Marvel titles. Disney took over Marvel Entertainment in 2009. With its family-friendly image, it has always had a strong stance against gambling. It decided not to renew the licenses for the Marvel slot games when they expired in 2017. 

How did Playtech fill the void?

Playtech had some time to prepare for the move and built games in such a way that they could use the framework with other characters. The Avengers game became The Age of the Gods, while The Fantastic Four slot became Age of the Gods: The Furious Four. 

If you loved the Incredible Hulk slot, then Age of the Gods: Prince of Olympus would be an excellent game option. Many of the Marvel characters got the Greek God treatment. The Age of the Gods series has become a legendary collection of games and offers jackpot slots, high and low volatility slots, and many bonuses. The trickiest factor for Playtech was to encourage players to give the newly-themed games a shot. 

Playtech managed to sign a major deal with Warner Brothers, the parent company of D.C. Comics, and began producing new games. These games tied in with the latest Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Justice League movies. It introduced new slot titles in many states in America. Today, players can play these slot games using the betPARX mobile platform. It leverages Playtech’s technology to offer a seamless user experience to players. 

Why were Marvel slots so popular?

People love superheroes, and the larger-than-life characters lend themselves perfectly to slot games. Playtech could create many multi-level jackpot titles that revolved around the Marvel Universe. Mastering slot games that revolved around their particular heroes interacting could keep players occupied for hours. The games often featured good graphics, great sound, and engaging animations. The Marvel characters were so intertwined in the Marvel Universe that it created extra depth. Bonus games often offered as many as twenty different squares, each of which could feature a character. 

What are the alternatives?

Playtech is still leading the way in developing slot games. With many bonus rounds, great graphics, and progressive jackpots, DC-themed games such as Green Lantern and The Flash have helped revitalize the market. 

DC-themed slots to play

Dark Knight is a popular DC slot game that follows the story of Batman facing the Joker. The game has 6 reels, 4 rows, and more than 50 paylines. There are many different types of free spins. The Dark Knight Rises is another popular slot game featuring Batman. 

Man of Steel is a Superman slot game where Superman has to protect the Earth at all costs. The game has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 25 paylines. It has shifting wilds and Krypton-free spins.

These DC-themed online slot games are part of the DC Superheroes Jackpot Network. This is a four-tier progressive jackpot. One of the ways to make money online is to participate in a progressive jackpot and win big on a single spin. New and exciting slot games from Playtech keep taking play to the next level.

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