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What Does a Full Roof Restoration Involve?

So, you think your roof is in the best condition and can last many years, but it looks a little worn and has cracked, chipped, and broken tiles, letting rainwater seep into your home? 

Such a damaged roof can harm your home’s structure and your family’s safety. Therefore, it seems like it’s the perfect time for you to consider tiled roof restoration

A professional roof restoration will enhance your property’s appearance and roof’s sturdiness while increasing your home’s value. 

 Moreover, it’s a cost-effective way to extend your roof’s life and improve weather protection against Australia’s unpredictable weather.

You might wonder what a professional complete roof restoration involves. Going through this article will let you know what steps roof restoration involves.

What is Involved in a Full Roof Restoration?

To start with, a roof restoration involves professional roof inspection and a thorough cleaning. 

Then, roofers start the real work involving ridge capping, applying protective coatings and sealants, repairing damaged tiles or leaks, and keeping your roof safe and lean. 

This whole process of tiled roof restoration provides numerous benefits, which are discussed in the section below.

Perks of a Full Roof Restoration

A complete roof restoration is an excellent way to boost your home’s safety, value, and aesthetic appeal. The following are many other benefits of restoring your roof to a tip-top shape:    

Prevent further damage and leaks

A poorly maintained roof can suffer from harsh Australian weather and external elements. If your roof suffers damage, it can become prone to leaks. 

With roof restoration, you can restore your poorly maintained or damaged roof in a tip-top condition. A roofing specialist will remove and replace broken tiles and re-bed loose tiles or ridge caps. 

In addition, your roof will be covered with a protective sealant to prevent it from further damage and leaks.

Improve your home’s energy efficiency

A run-down roof or one that is not appropriately sealed can let a lot of air in and out. It means you will have to crank up the heat or the air conditioning to compensate for the heat you are losing or entering your house.

A roof restoration by a roofing specialist Melbourne can help maintain your roof in a good condition, preventing air from escaping from your roof. Therefore, a well-maintained roof will help maintain an ideal indoor temperature, helping you reduce energy consumption and bills.

Extend your roof’s life

A well-conducted roof restoration project can add years to the life of your roof. It means you don’t have to worry about further roof damage or leaks, at least for a few years. 

Increase your home’s value

The safety and appearance of your home significantly depend on the condition of your roof. A good quality, safe roof that’s appropriately restored and well maintained can boost your home’s market value. 

Homebuyers are usually put off by the roofs that look in need of repairs. Who will want to spend extra money repairing the roof while investing in any residential property? 

So, having a professional roof restoration can increase the chances of selling your home. Moreover, you will have the upper hand to list your home for a higher price in the market.

Full Roof Restoration: Detailed Step-by-Step Process

A professional complete roof restoration involves the following steps:

Roof inspection and assessment

The process of tiled roof restoration starts with a professional roofing applicator coming to your house to check the condition of your roof. It includes assessing any damages, the number of repairs needed, and the type of treatment your roof needs. 

Often, reliable roofing companies provide homeowners with a detailed roof condition report outlining a customized roof restoration solution and steps required to address your roof’s specific concerns. 

Roof repair

Next, your roofing contractor will repair all minor to major roof damages. They replace broken or missing tiles on your tiled roof. 

Moreover, they inspect the ridge capping (the cement that joins two intersecting materials on a roof) for cracks and repair and re-bed it accordingly. 

Any cracked or damaged pointing will be reapplied using a flexible roof pointing product. Lastly, roofers will replace the faulty or damaged valley irons on your roof with new ones.

Pressure wash 

Once all damages are fixed on your roof, the roofing specialist will expertly pressure wash it with a high-power tool to remove dust, dirt, loose paint, materials, or debris. 

An experienced roofer will always pressure wash your roof with a minimum of 3000 PSI to ensure it is properly cleaned and all excess dirt or debris build-up is removed.

Preparation and treatment

Once cleaned, your roof’s surface can be prepared and treated by a roofing specialist Melbourne. They apply an algae and lichen treatment to sterilize moss, lichen, and mould spores and ensure they don’t regrow and damage your roof. 

Roof prime and seal

The fifth step usually involves priming and sealing the roof. The roofers apply a primer designed to treat your roof’s specific concerns. 

Your older tiled roof might have become pitted because of erosion and, thus, need a higher build primer and sealant to protect the damaged substrate and provide a glossy finish to the roof surface.

Roof membrane and paint

The last steps involve providing the final protective coating to your home by applying the roof membrane. Reputable roofing contractors always use high-quality roof membranes to provide roofs with robust coatings and resistance to withstand the brutal Australian sun. 

In addition, your roof will be repainted with the colour of your choice to give it a glossy or satin finish. 

To wrap up it all!

You have understood the benefits of roof restoration and the steps the entire project involves. But how will you know whether your roof needs restoration? 

It’s when you need to look for warning signs like broken or chipped tiles, loose ridge caps, sagged roof, leaky roof, and any signs of corrosion or mould. In addition, consider the age of your roof. 

If you think your roof is in dire need of restoration, working with an experienced roofing specialist Melbourne is always helpful for quality workmanship and an extended warranty.

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