Top Tips for Keeping your Property Exterior Looking Good

The family home should be a source of pride, yet time causes surfaces to degenerate and it can be a challenge to maintain a clean and tidy exterior. If, for example, you have a high-maintenance garden, you will need to keep on top of things, and with that in mind, here are a few top tips to maintain the exterior of your home.

  • Hard surface cleaning – Whether stone, concrete or brick cleaning, there are Australian contractors that use powerful water jet cleaners to restore all hard surfaces to their original condition. Driveways, patios, pathways and even stone cladding can be blasted with high-pressure water, which is something to do every few weeks. Paths and driveways can become slippery by gathering moss and a power jet will quickly remove this slippery layer.
  • Garden maintenance – Grass-cutting, trimming the hedges and weeding the flower beds are all chores that take up our precious downtime and while some folks find gardening therapeutic, most regard it as a chore. Search the web for a local garden maintenance contractor and he would be happy to add your property to his list of customers; the contractor works to your specifications and will attend every week/fortnight/month, depending on your needs.
  • Roof care & maintenance – You can take a proactive approach to roof maintenance by a) having the roof power cleaned and b) applying a silicone protective coating. Have the roof inspected every 6 months by a local roofing contractor is a smart move; the roofer would clean out the guttering and replace damaged and missing roof tiles.
  • Install artificial grass – The latest generation of artificial grass looks and feels like the real thing and once installed, will remain in place due to high quality adhesive. No cutting required and you never need to water your lawn and you can sweep away the leaves as you would with natural grass.
  • Annual paint job – If the exterior of your home is painted, a couple of extra coats will transform the property, while the added paint also protects the surface against the harsh climate. The paint quality does make all the difference, we recommend using a top-quality paint, rather than a run-of-the-mill product.
  • Create a compost corner – If you delegate a far corner of your back garden to be a compost heap, you have a place to put all food waste and after a couple of months, you can start feeding trees and shrubs by placing a ring of compost around the base of the plant, then give it a good watering. Why not turn a strip of the garden into a veg growing patch? You and your family can enjoy fresh, organic produce and if you have kids, you can teach them about nature.

It is important to maintain the exterior of your home and should you ever decide to sell, kerb appeal will ensure a quick sale.

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