The Vissel Kobe football team

Japan also offers a pretty interesting football landscape with some fascinating teams, players and competitions. The 1xBet platform allows you to bet on them, and here you can also explore a kabaddi score online that you can find at any moment.

One of the most interesting teams from this part of the world is Vissel Kobe. By the way, the name “Vissel” comes from mixing the words “victory” and “vessel”. This squad is not the only team that creates new words that serve as the names of their teams, but this is a story for another day.

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Vissel Kobe was founded in 1966, and for most of their early existence, they floated around the lower leagues. It was only in 1997 that they finally got their big break and were promoted to the J1 League, which is the top level in Japan. However, they didn’t arrive at the 1st level of Japanese football just to compete. They came with serious intentions of winning everything. If you want to win, the online kabaddi scores from 1xBet can be really helpful, which are also available for football matches too.

However, like any true drama-filled sports movie, they faced their fair share of ups and downs. There were relegations, promotions, and lots of nail-biting moments. However, the team managed to overcome their most difficult moments and establish themselves as a force in Japanese football.

How does the team work

Vissel Kobe is funded by Hiroshi Mikitani, who is a businessman who is also the owner of Rakuten. This is one of the biggest companies across the entire nation. For this reason, the modern Vissel Kobe team has a huge financial backing. You can enjoy the kabaddi betting lines at 1xBet, which also features bets in football, and they can be very helpful in placing wagers on football matches in Japan too.

Under Mikitani’s ownership, Vissel Kobe underwent a huge transformation. They went from being a humble, struggling side to a team that started attracting big names in world football. For example, in 2018, they decided to sign none other than Andrés Iniesta. After the legendary Barcelona number 8 left Catalonia, he decided to give this Japanese team a try. He played a total of 5 seasons at Kobe. He eventually left the team in 2023 to join Emirates from the United Arab Emirates.

And it wasn’t just Iniesta. Over the years, Vissel Kobe has had some other big names grace their team. 3 notable examples who decided to travel to Japan to join this team were:

  • Lukas Podolski;
  • David Villa;
  • and even Michael Laudrup, during the early years of the team in the J1 league.

The betting lines at 1xBet are present at its kabaddi and football sections, and here you can also wager on all kinds of competitions that take place in Japan too. Yet, despite those huge signings, the team still hasn’t been able to secure all the achievements they may have wanted. True, since the 1990s they have been a respectable competitor within the J1. However, as of 2023, they have still been unable to win the 1st level of Japanese football.

However, things began to change for the team in 2019. This was the year when they got their 1st major achievement, which was winning the Emperor’s Cup for the 1st time ever. This means that, if the team continues working hard, as they have been doing so far, there is no reason why they couldn’t win other competitions in the future.

But Vissel Kobe is much more than just a mere football club with big names that arrive from other parts of the world from time to time. The team has been an essential part of the Kobe community. For example, the city of Kobe was devastated by a huge earthquake in 1995. The club itself became actively involved in helping with the reconstruction of the city. For this reason, the bond between the club and the city of Kobe runs quite deep.

In terms of fan support, Vissel Kobe, because of their deep bonds with the community, enjoys some of the most passionate Japanese supporters. They play their home matches at the Noevir Stadium Kobe, which has a capacity of more than 30 thousand spectators. Watching matches of this team can be a huge event.

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