The Super Bowl advertisement featuring Messi has a price tag of $21 million. The monetary compensation obtained by the Argentine star.

Lionel Messi appeared in a commercial during the 2024 Super Bowl, which resulted in a revenue of $21 million. What was the monetary compensation obtained by the Argentine star.

As per tradition, the Super Bowl 2024 provided a significant platform for the world’s leading businesses to showcase and promote their products. Numerous renowned individuals attended the prestigious event held at Allegiant Stadium in Paradise, Nevada. The occurrence was deemed to be absolutely extraordinary. During this year’s event, the prominent pop artist Taylor Swift was the main performer.

Messi’s Super Bowl advertisement, which had a price tag of $21 million

Hence, the Super Bowl offers a remarkable occasion for marketers worldwide. Certain very prosperous enterprises allocate a considerable sum of money for a limited duration or a small space in order to promote their products. The Super Bowl is the pinnacle event of the American football season, eagerly awaited by millions of viewers worldwide.

Lionel Messi was prominently showcased in the advertisement for Michelob Ultra beer that aired during this year’s Super Bowl. At the start of the ninety-second promo, the world champion is seen placing a beer order at a beach bar.

Michelob Ultra had to spend a total of $21 million for the Super Bowl campaign. The bartender informed Messi that his desired beverage would not be available.

Messi patiently anticipated the arrival of the football, and as soon as it reached him, he promptly showcased his exceptional abilities. Messi is featured in the campaign alongside actor Jason Sudeikis and Dan Marino, a former American football quarterback.

Lionel Messi was remunerated with a sum of $14 million for his promotional appearance, which spanned a duration of 90 seconds, at the Super Bowl in 2024. Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, Steve Martin, John Travolta, and Jeremy Renner are among the notable celebrities that have featured in advertising endorsed by the Super Bowl 2024.

Businesses were had to allocate $7 million for a thirty-second commercial. The motive for prominent businesses to showcase their products during the Super Bowl extends beyond the potential publicity gained from enormous audiences. It also encompasses the prestige at stake.

Lionel Messi made his debut in a commercial during the Super Bowl. The Michelob Ultra beer brand enjoys significant international reputation. Since his transfer to Inter Miami in the summer of 2017, the Argentine superstar has had a notable enhancement in his standing inside the United States.

The Kansas City Chiefs emerged victorious over the San Francisco 49ers in a dramatic 25-22 overtime triumph at Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, finally securing the Chiefs’ Super Bowl title. In the last five years, the Kansas City Chiefs have emerged victorious in the National Football League Finals for the third time.

Inter Miami faced many lawsuits as a result of Messi’s nonattendance

The Consumer Committee of Hong Kong has received over one thousand complaints from both city residents and visitors over the nonattendance of striker Lionel Messi in the exhibition match between Inter Miami and a Hong Kong national squad. According to the South China Morning Post, the cumulative value of claims surpasses HK$8.9 million, which is equivalent to more than $1.14 million in US money.

The Consumer Committee has received 1,038 complaints regarding the purchase of match tickets for review. Out of them, 265 were contributed by tourists.

The American team achieved victory with a score of 4-1, despite the event taking place on Sunday in Hong Kong. The event was attended by around 38 thousand spectators. According to RTHK radio station, a considerable proportion of them conveyed their discontent about Messi’s absence from the field.

In addition, audible expressions of disapproval in the form of boos and shouts demanding the presence of Messi and the return of money were also perceptible.

As per the South China Morning Post, which referenced its own source, Messi was obligated to play on the field “for a minimum of 45 minutes, unless he is unwell or injured” as a condition of the agreement to organize the exhibition match.

Tata Martino, the head coach of Inter Miami, attributed the absence of the Argentine star to an ailment.

Inter Miami has offered an apologies for Lionel Messi’s inability to participate in the exhibition match staged in Hong Kong. The Major League Soccer team’s move, although it has caused resentment among supporters and disturbed the organizers, was finally deemed necessary.

Due to an injury, the Argentine, who holds the record for the highest number of Ballon d’Or wins with eight, was absent from the match held on Sunday at Hong Kong Stadium, which was attended by 40,000 spectators. Upon conducting a thorough examination, the medical staff determined that it would be hazardous for both him and his teammate Luis Suarez to continue participating in the game.

We acknowledge the disappointment caused by the absence of Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez in Sunday’s match, and we regret for their inability to participate. Notwithstanding our utmost endeavors, we acknowledge that there was a sense of dissatisfaction. We acknowledge that the belated decision has caused discontent among our Hong Kong supporters, as well as with Tatler Asia, the entity in charge of event coordination. “Regrettably, injuries are an inherent aspect of the captivating sport, and the well-being of our players must always take precedence,” Miami FC conveyed in a statement sent to Reuters.

The event organizer declared its intention to issue a partial reimbursement for tickets in light of the discontent expressed by furious fans and the government’s concerns with the notable soccer player’s absence.

Lionel Messi, aged 36, made his appearance in the sixty-first minute of Inter Miami’s friendly match against Visel Kobe in Tokyo. Despite the National Stadium having several unoccupied seats, only 28,614 tickets were sold. The contest occurred three days thereafter.

Argentine authorities have opted to cancel their planned exhibition matches against Nigeria and Ivory Coast, which were originally slated to occur in Hangzhou and Beijing, respectively, during the month of March. Lionel Messi, an exceptional football player, is attributed as the reason for this ranking.

Last week, Inter Miami achieved a victory against the representative team of Hong Kong, a special administrative province of China, with a score of 4-1 in a friendly match. The absence of the 36-year-old technician from the match was a cause of disappointment for the forty thousand spectators in the stands. To experience the performance of the Argentine superstar, they acquired a ticket at a price of $640.

After the game ended, the people in the stadium openly displayed their strong dissatisfaction. The crowd vociferated “We demand Messi” and “Return our funds” as they felt deceived by the denial of the chance to witness Messi’s performance.

Subsequently, the Hong Kong Consumer Committee received 1,093 complaints lodged against the recipient of the Ballon d’Or award on seven occasions. They submitted compensation claims totaling over $1.14 million from the start.

Tatler Asia, the organizational entity of the event, declared that it will refund half of the ticket expenses to the spectators present in the stands in the subsequent days.

Upon receiving the news of Leo Messi’s absence from the game, we promptly urged the owners and coaches of Inter Miami to compel him to address the public and present a justification for his non-participation. Messi was absent. However, he engaged in a game against Vissel Kobe in Japan, with Luis Suarez, just three days later on February 7th. The match concluded with draw no bet prediction of 3:4, ultimately determined by penalty kicks. As to the company’s statement, “This is another instance of disrespect towards us.”

Tata Martino, the coach of the United States national football team, tried to conceal the mistake by claiming that Lionel Messi’s absence from the game was a result of an injury.

Consequently, the Chinese sports authorities opted to eliminate Argentina’s jurisdiction on Chinese territory.

“In light of recent events and the dissatisfaction expressed by fans, government officials have made the decision to cancel the upcoming matches of the reigning world champion Argentina, which were originally planned to be held in our country in March.”

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