The difference between European odds and Asian odds in betting

In fact, there are two main types of bets: European odds and Asian odds. These are the two most basic types of soccer bets today and are extremely familiar to any bettor. However, not all bettors are fully aware of the differences between these two types of bets and their attractive points. Therefore, in the article below we will share with you the differences between European odds and Asian odds in betting so you can better understand. Let’s TRANG CHỦ JUN88 Follow the detailed article below!

What is European Handicap?

Known as 3-handicap betting, European handicap is similar to Asian handicap but easier to participate in. These points are added or subtracted before the event begins. Your bet will win or lose as soon as the final result is adjusted based on the handicap you placed.

However, unlike the Asian handicap market, where a draw is not possible, this type of betting offers three potential betting options: win, draw and lose. That’s why it is also called three-dimensional handicap. European handicaps also use whole numbers as opposed to the non-integer numbers used in Asian handicaps. Furthermore, it also works similarly to a 1×2 bet.

Here is an example to help you grasp the concept better: 

  • Liverpool plays at home against Tottenham and has a 100% chance of winning. European Odds will favor the underdog Tottenham, with a number of goals that Liverpool must overcome for them to be considered winners.
  • Regardless of the final result of the match, if the European handicap is 3 goals, Liverpool are only considered winners if they win by more than 3 goals.
  • Therefore, when Tottenham loses by less than 3 goals, they still win and you win the bet. The match will be considered a draw if Liverpool accepts the handicap and wins by only 3 goals.

What is Asian Handicap?

The Asian handicap betting market is perfect if you’re into something less popular than 1×2. The Asian Handicap will give the stronger team a goal difference and the weaker team will have a higher goal difference. Therefore, to win the bet, you will have to back the team with the higher score, considering their handicap or equivalent advantage.

The goal of Asian handicap is to make sure that a match will not end in a draw. Therefore, by eliminating the chance of a draw, you will be left with two options: bet on the home team or the away team. Eg:

  • You bet £1000 on the underdog, with Arsenal being the weaker home team with an Asian handicap of 0.75 and Chelsea being the stronger away team. Price = 1.90.
  • To place a winning bet on Arsenal, they must win or the match must end in a draw. On the contrary, if the Arsenal team loses by more than two goals, you will lose your bet.
  • If you bet on Chelsea, they will receive a handicap of -0.75 goals. Therefore, to win the bet, Chelsea must win by at least two goals. If they only win by 1 goal, you will only win half of your bet. Furthermore, if the match ends in a draw or Arsenal wins, you will lose your bet.

The difference between European and Asian handicaps in betting

European and Asian odds are popular with many bettors. Almost every match that takes place, the house also puts these two types of bets on the odds table.

According to experts of jun88 In terms of odds analysis, we have pointed out the basic differences between European odds and Asian odds as follows:
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Icon: The main difference between these two types of handicap bets is the use of different symbols to represent them. Asian odds betting will focus on the skill of a particular team, so it will use integral symbols such as -1.5, / or +1.5 to add or subtract to stronger teams and / or weaker. For European handicap betting offers a draw and is determined more in terms of relative probability so it just uses odds like 0:1.

Variable: Another difference that will help you differentiate these two ratios is in the use of numerical variations. As mentioned above, Asian odds come in many varieties, including quarter-balls, half-balls and opposite-balls, while European odds only use integer variations.

Match result: The main difference between these two odds is the outcome of the match it corresponds to. In Asian Handicap, there will be two outcomes: – leading to the home team or the away team. As for European odds, there are 3 results to choose from: home team, away team or draw.


Hopefully our sharing above about the differences between European and Asian odds in betting has helped bettors gain extremely useful betting experience about these two types of odds. Hopefully through this article you will be able to choose the type of bet that best suits your playing style! Wishing you success and don’t forget to regularly follow our latest articles.

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