Subrosa BMX Bike – Review Guide

Subrosa BMX bike CrMo steel frames, cranks, bars, and forks help you gain strength and reliability while cycling. This BMX bike has a fast spinning wheelset which helps in responsive handling, precise transition, and power control as you start your tour.  Subrosa BMX bike is one of the best bikes on the market. 

Features of A Subrosa BMX Bike

  • Frame and fork
  • Subrosa frame is made of seat tube, down tube, and Chromoly top tube. Its fork is 100%chromoly and has 30mm offset tapered legs.
  • Drivetrain-Subrosa BMX bike has cranks, chainset, and rant Bangin eight Chromoly of 13pc and 170mm-it has a chain rant max of 410.
  • Wheel and tyres-Subrosa BMX bike -has a saw tooth wheel 2.35 and size of twenty.
  • Braking-It has rant spring Brakes v2

multiple encouraging and informative client reviews are enough evidence that Subrosa is an excellent bike. Subrosa bike suits all kinds of riders. From all riding activities to racing, choose the Subrosa BMX bike.

Besides the effective fork and frame, the Subrosa BMX bike features a wonderful sprang v2 brake system. 

The advanced and modern wide wheels are accountable for firm grip and rolling speed. It helps you beat all the terrains without breaking your bike.

What does the pro geometry of the Subrosa BMX bike look like?

The pro geometry of this Subrosa BMX bike is everything you can ask for. You hit all terrains quickly with no breakdown worries. It allows you to stick to your training or ride your BMX. It is a geometry that keeps you on track.

Is Subrosa a good BMX brand?

Of course, yes. Its construction is out of this world. Multiple encouraging and informative client reviews are enough evidence that Subrosa is an excellent bike. Subrosa bike suits all kinds of riders. From all riding activities to racing, choose the Subrosa BMX bike.

The bike has an excellent grip to ensure your riding safety. The frame is next to perfection; it is an unbeatable choice. You can’t shy off from its superb sprang gear again for riding safety. The price is not an excuse to miss this Subrosa BMX bike.

It has attractive prices for everyone; it all depends on your budget. Subrosa BMX bikes have various options; from simple to high-end bikes. There are no picking and choosing of who can ride this bike. Anyone can use this bike for cycling.

How heavy are the Subrosa BMX bikes?

The weight of all bikes is a common denominator when choosing your bike. The weight of your Subrosa bike will affect your performance if you cant handle it. Subrosa BMX bikes vary depending on your preferences. 

Not all riders like heavy BMX bikes; several riders prefer lighter bikes.

Which is the right size for the Subrosa BMX bike?

The right size of BMX size makes your riding comfortable and motivational. The size of your bike will vary in length and height. It is a daunting task to settle for the right size for you—Subrosa BMX bikes in tons of sizes.

You have no reason not to gift your little with a Subrosa BMX bike; there are ideal sizes for kids. Women are also not forgotten when it comes to the correct size of this back. Men’s sizes also top the list of Subrosa BMX bikes.

Thanks to high-top tube sizing, tall riders highly favor Subrosa’s BMX bikes. Luck is on their side; this bike has ideal sizes for short riders. Even newbies have something for themselves, not only the seasoned pro.

Which Subrosa BMX bike is best for new riders?

Beginners cannot handle Subrosa bikes. However, you have two top options. Subrosa Sono and Altus. Both BMX bikes’ year of manufacture is 2021. The prices for two bikes cannot go unnoticed; all are pocket friendly.

New riders may have challenges as they try on some Subrosa BMX designed for seasoned. Not to worry, there are designate newbie brands. The geometry for the two models above is a perfect fit for beginners. 

Does the Weight Subrosa BMX bike Matter?

Definitely yes. The weight of this bike has a lot of effects on your training or racing.BMX bikes are 

known for amazing tricks. A heavy bike will limit that number of tricks. Some tricks involve lifting your bike high; this becomes impossible for heavy bikes.

Spinning, a significant BMX trick, should be fast; this won’t be possible if the BMX bike is heavy. You can’t control the Subrosa bike easily if it’s heavy. In a nutshell, a lighter Subrosa BMX bike is the best for performing tricks.

Again climbing steeply grounds is daunting with heavy bikes. Choose an average weight for a Subrosa BMX bike. As for now, the heaviest bike is the 2021 Subrosa Letum BMX bike. Its rank there resulted from its four pegs and hub guards.

Subrosa lentum is no doubt an excellent choice foŕ some seasoned riders.

What is the Best Subrosa BMX bike for Tall Rider?

It is not an offense to be a tall person. Your height doesn’t make you a lesser person; Subrosa BMX manufacturers are enough proof for that. The introduction of Subrosa tiro XXL has been a significant concern for tall people.

Subrosa tiro XXL BMX bike comes in an excellent height of twenty-one inches. This height can fit even the tallest man in the world. However, this BMX bike is for beginners who are tall. Twenty-one inch is cozy for tall people.

Which is the most expensive  Subrosa BMX bike?

Not all riders are looking for cheap bikes. Some riders prefer high-end Subrosa BMX bikes. This only means you pay more for the bike. Subrosa manufacturers also create high-end, super high quality bikes.

The most expensive bike is the 2021 Subrosa Novus which further splits to Matt Ray and Trey Jones. The price results from its compelling quality and unbeatable features. Among the features is Chromoly frame forks and bars.

Those two components add a lot to the exemplary performance of this bike. The parts are among the significant choices of the Subrosa BMX parts. When riding, especially beginners, things are bound to happen. Therefore, we do not recommend the two options mentioned above since they are costly. 

Subrosa Novus BMX bike is an excellent choice if advancing from mid-level to a high level. It helps learn and discover BMX tricks.

Should a beginner buy an expensive bike?

This is the question that confuses a lot of beginners when they are buying their first bike. Beginners should not purchase an expensive bike. Instead, they should buy a cheap model to join the sport. After ridding half a year, you will be able to decide if you will continue with the sport or not.

As you join your friends, you will know if it is beneficial to invest in an expensive bike or not. If you decide to continue with sports now, you are ready for a high-end bike. Before making the purchase, conduct thorough research to ensure the quality meets your expectations. If you love cycling and want to give advice on platforms like YouTube, check out Subscriberz to share tips with a wider audience.

Advantage of Subrosa BMX bike:

  • Subrosa BMX bike’s exceptional design enables the rider to enjoy the experience and feel comfortable while riding. 
  • It was the top choice for transporting due to its model.
  • Subrosa BMX bikes are costly, but they are quality and long duration. 
  • It needs minor repair and maintenance due to a lack of gear.

Disadvantages of Subrosa BMX bike:

  • Subrosa BMX bike is not suitable for long-distance riders.
  • It is not comfortable as other bikes. 
  • The rider uses a lot of body force when riding the Subrosa BMX bike. 

Tips for choosing the best Subrosa BMX bike for you:

Below are the tips to consider to help buy the right Subrosa BMX bike, if followed appropriately 

Choose the Subrosa BMX bike that matches your skills.

As a beginner, you must understand what a BMX  bike is and how to use it and where to use it. When buying a Subrosa BMX bike, make sure that riding matches your skills level.

If you want to tear around, bunnyhop up, and do some jumps, you must ensure that you buy the bike that fits all that. It would help if you purchased a motorcycle; you will have confidence in it when riding to a higher level. 

Choose the Subrosa BMX bike that matches your age and height.

Subrosa BMX bikes are made in different sizes due to the different heights of riders. The smallest riders are provided with bikes from twelve, twenty-four to twenty six-wheeled inch Subrosa BMX bikes. 

The most important thing to consider when buying this bike is to know the accurate size that fits you as a rider depending on your height. When you buy the proper BMX bike, riding will be effortless, but you will face many difficulties if you buy the wrong bike. 

The bike must be from a twelve to eighteen-inch wheeled for juniors. If you are ten years old and have a height of one hundred and forty centimeters, make sure you buy a bike of your size.

For youths, make sure the bike is from twenty inches. This BMX bike should contain a top tube length of 18.5 to 20.75. The cycle should range from twenty-two to twenty-six-inch inches for adults, with a top tube of 20.5 to 21.25.

Understand the price and choose a Subrosa BMX bike that suits your budget. 

The Subrosa BMX bike have a great range of different prices, some being very costly and others being cheap for everyone to afford. Furthermore, Subrosa BMX bikes come in three different levels. 

  • The first level of Subrosa BMX bike known as the entry-level, includes steel frames and one single rim. The bike is very cheap compared to others. Some come in with various equipment like a sealed bearing hubs.
  • The second level of this BMX bike known as mid-range, is not that cheap. It is made with more robust materials. It contains handlebars, forks, cranks, and steel from frames. 
  • Finally, the third level is the high-end one. The whole frame, cranks, and forks of this bike are of Chromoly material. This is to help it to be more durable. 

The best Subrosa BMX bike frames:


Om frame that has been in the market for many years. This model of the frame is made in three ding sizes. The super-long om frame has a length of 13.74, while the super short one has a length of 12.6. This is the shortest frame you can get on the market. Fans of Joris’s mainly buy this frame. The om frame was built by Joris coulomb’s.


It is a unique frame manufacturer by Simone. Simo frame was later modified in new designs with; tapered seat stays, cast seat stay bridge, and slimmer seat area.

The time frame has a double-butted and down tube that contains an external gusset for the top and bottom. The structure comes in with stay seat brakes mounts that are removable. 


Mark Burnett builds Griffin’s frame. It was introduced in the market many years back, and even today, it is available. It has a laser-cut seat stay bridge. 

Griffin frame contains a bottom bracket shell known as CNC’d. It has a long frame of 13.3, which is a bit longer than other frames. The Griffin frame includes a top tube whose length is from 20.5 to 21 and a head tube of one hundred and fifty millimeters. 

Flight park

The flight park frame is built by Rama nakaruma. After being in the market for some years, it was later modified into another design of rims style. The flight park frame has a chainstay length of 12.9, standover length of 8.25, bottom bracket height of 11.6, and tube angled head of seventy-five. It has removable braking hardware on the external gusset. 


The MR2 frame is manufactured by matt ray. These frames are grouped into two, namely: MR1and MR2. MR2 is created when the standover is raised slightly by raising the bottom bracket and making the dropout slot longer. MR2  frame has a longer chainstay than the Ride. The bottom bracket is significantly higher.

Rose, Wild, Yung

  • Subrosa rose is purposely made to fill the gap between eighteen and twenty bikes. Rose frame has a shorter top tube length of 21.2. The length of the rose chainstay is 12.5 to 13.6 wide. 
  • Trey Jones builds Subrosa wild frame. This frame is well-rounded and very versatile. 
  • Subrosa Yung rose frame is manufactured by young shredders. 


  • Is Subrosa a good bike brand?

Subrosa BMX bike is a good bike because it is built in all sizes. From children to adults for both males and females, everyone can enjoy it. Subrosa BMX bike is affordable to almost everyone because some are cheap while others are expensive. 

  • Where is the Subrosa frame made?

Taiwan manufactures the majority of Subrosa bike frames.

  • What are Subrosa frames made of?

It has a comprehensive structure of 4130 supported by a double-butted tube. To enhance its robustness, the frame has extra sturdy down tubes. Multiple encouraging and informative client reviews are enough evidence that Subrosa is an excellent bike. Subrosa bike suits all kinds of riders. From all riding activities to racing, choosing this bike is a good option.

Bottom line

Multiple encouraging and informative client reviews are enough evidence that Subrosa is an excellent bike. Subrosa bike suits all kinds of riders. From all riding activities to racing, choose the Subrosa BMX bike. The weight of all cycles is a common denominator when choosing your bike. The weight of your Subrosa bike will affect your performance if you can.t handle it. Subrosa BMX bikes vary depending on your preferences. Subrosa Tiro XXL BMX bike comes in an excellent height of twenty-one inches. This height can fit even the tallest man in the world.

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