Sammenlign Strømavtale- Effectively Comparing Electricity Contracts

Electricity is an essential commodity all over the world and we all know that daily lives and business enterprises will greatly suffer if there is insufficient supply. Much as this is an essential commodity all over the world, the mode of supply varies in different parts of the world. If you are new to Norway you may not understand how electricity contracts work here. 

In this article, we will explain the basics of electricity contract in Norway and how you can get the best option available so stay with us. Meanwhile you can read this article to see how government regulates electricity in Norway. 

Electricity Contracts Explained

Before you can compare power contracts, you need to understand the basics which include the different types of contracts that exists and what affects the cost.

Types of Electricity Contracts 

There are different types of energy contract in the country and they are Fixed price, Spot price , Variable price , Time spot and purchase price. However, only two of these are approved by the Consumer Council and they are the Fixed Price and the Spot Price contracts. This is because the other options come with poor terms and conditions which are not favourable to consumers.   

Spot Price Contract 

This seems to be the preferred option for many consumers. The Consumer Council says that this is the best and cheapest contract as of today which is the reason why many people prefer it.  This agreement entails that the supplier charges the customer based on the price at which they get their supply on the power exchange. 

This means that the cost the consumer pays fluctuates based on the price at the power exchange. Typically, the major feature of this agreement is that energy bills are highest during winter and cheapest at summer. Therefore you must plan your finances in such a way that it accommodates the spike in cost during winter. 

So in essence with this agreement, you pay your energy bill in addition to taxes and surcharge to the state. Bear in mind that there is no lock-in period with this agreement. 

Fixed Price Contract 

This option entails that your electricity bill is fixed and there is no fluctuation all year round. Some people prefer this option because of the predictability. This means that they can plan their finances without fear of any fluctuation. 

Just as with the spot price agreement, you pay your taxes and surcharges to the state. Additionally, you pay higher per kWh than what is obtained on the power exchange. The reason for this is because the supplier already buys their supply ahead for a specific period. 

The power supplier often sets the price of the kWh higher to ensure that they do not lose money with their fixed price customers even when there is a spike in cost. Based on this there is rarely any fluctuation in price and the consumer’s bill is generally high all through the year. 

Note that there is a binding period for this kind of agreement during which you cannot change the contract. 

Additional Expenses that Come with Electricity Contracts

Every energy contract comes with additional fees and these come in form of surcharges and taxes. These surcharges are determined by the electricity companies and they can either be per kWh or a fixed monthly rate. Most suppliers however, include both in their billing. Therefore in order to sammenlign strømavtale (which means compare electricity contracts in Norwegian), you have to factor this in. You may get flat rate but the additional fees will make the overall package expensive. 

In previous years, electricity companies did not usually disclose the surcharges, tax, VAT or invoice fees; they just gave the consumer a bill without breakdown. However, with the enactment of the Price Information Regulation in 2022, it was mandatory for the fees be disclosed at the point of advertisement or marketing. 

Tips for Choosing The Best Electricity Supplier

We have explained briefly the different types of electricity contracts in the country and from the above you can deduce which works best for you. However, we will share the following tips to further help you make the right choice:-

Comparison Shopping 

This is the main purpose of this article; to help you effectively compare electricity contracts. When you understand the various contracts you most certainly will know the best one for you. However, even with the same contract, you need to find out the best supplier and you can only do this by comparison shopping.

There are different platforms that provide tools for comparing different suppliers; you can either use them or do some research on your own. If you decide to research different suppliers, the following are factors to consider:-

  1. Customer review – Visit their website to find out what their clients have to say about them. in cases where there have been negative reviews, find out how the company dealt with it
  2. Additional fees – Whatever contract you choose, bear in mind that the supplier will determine surcharges and mark up while you will also have to pay taxes to the state. So do well to consider all these additional expenses.  Visit this site:  to understand how electricity bills are charged in Norway. 

Consider Customer Service 

This is a very important factor to consider because if you sign up with a company that has poor customer service, you will end up frustrated. You may be able to get an idea of a company’s customer service culture from reading customer reviews. But you will definitely know when you make your first contact with the company. Always go with your gut whenever you feel that a company is not customer-centric. 

Consider the Company’s Reputation 

It is the reputation of the company that will determine the type of service you will get. A company that takes pride in standing by their word will always deliver excellent service based on the terms of your agreement. 


As with every human transaction, you only need a little time and patience to find the best electricity supplier. Do not be in a hurry to sign any contract; take out time to research different companies and compare their prices. Also bear the tips we have shared above in mind; they will surely help you get the best deals. 

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