New88 and how to play blackjack to win big

Blackjack New88 is a hot game that is taking the online market by storm. You really want to participate but don’t understand how to play or the secret to winning big. This article will help you learn in detail about the most effective way to play blackjack.

Learn what is online Blackjack at New88?

New88 is known as a reputable bookmaker and operates completely legally in Vietnam. So everyone can feel completely secure when playing blackjack at this house. This is a game that has appeared for a long time everywhere in Vietnam. Especially on festivals, holidays, and reunions with friends, blackjack is used for entertainment.

Currently, this house has developed the game in an online format so that anyone can participate and bet right at home. Online blackjack has simple rules and is similar to the traditional way of playing, so you will be very familiar with it. The game uses a deck of 52 cards and has an unlimited number of participants. You should be able to participate freely without restrictions.

Learn about the rules and calculation of blackjack at bookmaker New88

One of the most important things when playing blackjack is to learn the rules and card values. Below is detailed information so you can update the most basic gameplay.


Normally, a poker game is not limited to players but must have a minimum of 2 people. The dealer is the one who deals the cards and lets the players draw cards. Before starting, the player will have to bet an amount of money. Next, the dealer will deal the cards, each person will have 2 cards. Players will look at the cards and proceed to draw to redeem prizes. 

You need to make sure your total score is greater than or equal to 16 before you can stop. At the same time, the maximum score is 21 and must not exceed 28 to pay the penalty. All cards you have drawn must be kept secret.

How to calculate points

As analyzed, players need to reach 21 points to win when playing blackjack. Need to consider 2 as the first card to be able to decide whether to draw more or not. In order, the player will pick first and the dealer will pick last:

Cards 2 – 10 have points calculated corresponding to the number on the card. For example, card 2 will be equal to 2 points, card 7 is counted as 7 points…

The first card is J, Q, K, all count as 10 points.

Aces are counted as 1 or 10 depending on the number of cards in your hand

In card drawing situations, players should observe the previous player’s moves. From there, you can know whether you should withdraw more or hold back when you have enough points.

The secret to winning big at blackjack for new players at New88

If you want to conquer attractive rewards from the blackjack game at, don’t hesitate to update the tips below:

Learn basic strategies when playing blackjack from experts

If you want to win big, when playing blackjack you must take advantage of basic strategies. You should not just use your ability to hit the button in blackjack because your chances of winning will not be high.

Instead, be a professional player and apply strategies such as dirty balling, drawing five spirits, etc. This is one of the opportunities for you to make money from the house in the most effective way without having to spend much. Time.
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Understand the probability of drawing blackjack to win big

After the dealer deals two cards but you still see a card with a small total score and the other player only pulls 1 card or is not skillful, you have a chance to win big with the five spirits. At this time, the big cards may still be in the deck so you can draw freely. If 3 cards have more than 16 points, you should hold on, when the 3rd card has great value, but if you draw the 3rd card but get a small card, you can continue to draw.

Have a suitable money betting strategy when playing blackjack

If you are a blackjack enthusiast at, you need to have a flexible money betting strategy. If the player sees that the dealer’s cards are continuously high, they should only place small bets because this is the time when the dealer is lucky. On the contrary, if you see that the dealer’s cards keep losing continuously, then bet a lot of money to quickly collect money from the dealer.


The above article contains detailed information to help you understand more How to play blackjack and win big at New88. Hopefully you can conquer many valuable rewards from this attractive game.

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