Menopause: How to take care of this phase

Women go through different phases of life at different ages. Firstly, they get their puberty at the age of around 11 to 14 years and then they get menopause at age of 45 to 55 years. The way a woman feels the amount of discomfort in the beginning of their periods is the same  or maybe more when they reach their menopause years. Though the symptoms are different for each woman. The menopause causing the discomforts are mostly the same. Sometimes it makes her feel irritated then sometimes she feels insecure about it. The mood swings even make it worse on what way she will think about something she herself doesn’t know. Though the right care in this phase can help her make things a little easier. In this blog we will discuss ways one should take care of themselves during the menopause phase. 

Physical Exercise: Well for the menopause phase, a woman gets bloating or weight gain so engaging in simple exercises and evening or morning walks can be helpful. Women can also do other things like swimming or hitting the gym to cheer themselves up. Exercises release endorphins chemicals in our body helping us to be happy. Staying active helps reduce stress and improve mood swings. Doing these exercises regularly will help you in making you feel better physically and mentally. 

Take Proper Diet:

At the time of Menopause, the body becomes weak and timid. This time to nutrients to the body, eating healthy food is a better option. Choose to eat fruits rich in citrus like orange and dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach, carrots. Add pulses in your meal to provide your body high protein. Taking a proper diet will keep you healthy, and fit. 

Engage in Hobby: 

At the time of menopause women question themselves a lot and feel irritated with themselves as well so engaging yourself in hobbies will calm your mind and will improve mood. You can also try doing meditation by listening to calming songs.

Sleep Schedule: 

The researchers have proved that women need more sleep hours compared to men but in reality most of the women sleep for very few hours. Sleep is necessary to relax your body. Proper sleep schedules also help manage stress and contribute to a healthy life. Try sleeping at the same time everyday and make it a habit. Take a minimum 6 to 9 hours of sleep to let your body relax completely.  

Spend Quality Time:

Having your close and dear ones near always makes one feel good. Quality time with your family and friends or even pets can make every problem or irritation feel better. As women also go through a lot emotionally at this time so it will allow them to feel better and loved. 


Meditation calms your body and soul and is recommended for everyone. During menopause when the woman keeps going through a lot of things, meditation is the best way to manage your stress and calm your mood. Trying to meditate for at least 5 minutes a day.  

Take Supplements: 

Many women avoid taking supplements and continue to bear with everything they go through but taking supplements is actually a safe option. For menopause tablets try Ayurvedic brands like Menoveda and they also have a free consultation where you can share your problems and then get prescribed. 


Although there are many ways to take care of yourself during the menopause phase, remember it’s just a phase. Try expressing your feelings and thoughts to your closed ones and see if you will feel good. Check the Menoveda page for menopause tablets, they are safe and good for health. 

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