How to enable lazy load images on blogger website [Updated Version!]

In this article, I will tell you about how you can enable a lazy load of images on a blogger website without any plugin.  only use my own secret script using. and also I will tell you what is lazy load images and how you can enable the simple steps after following them.

As you know, there are many plugins in WordPress, with the help of which we can optimize the images of our website and by doing so, we can increase the speed of our website, such as the website which opens in 3 seconds in the eyes of Google.

The website is considered very good, such a website is considered good on behalf of google, so we have to optimize the images of our website, so in this article,

I will tell you how you can manually enable lazy load script on your blogger website.

That article is very important for all new and old bloggers for your website theme. so, you need to know about lazy load images. so let’s know

How to enable lazy load images on blogger website

What are lazy load images?

Lazy loading is an optimization technique for your website, which reduces the loading speed of your website, when you put Lazyload images in your website, then the speed time of your website increases, so your website opens quickly.
In this, when you put the lazy load image script in your website, then it opens all the images on your website later, but before that whatever text is written on your website, it opens it.
And if you are putting images on your website without script, then you will see there that the images are loading first on your website and the text is also not sleeping,
then it reduces the ranking of your website and does not even open quickly, if this happens, then to avoid this thing, we put a lazy load script on our website.

Benefits of lazy load images Script For Blogger.

  • Improved Page Speed: Lazy loading only loads images as the user scrolls down the page, which reduces the initial loading time of the page and improves the overall speed of the site.
  • Reduced Bandwidth Usage: By only loading images when they are needed, lazy loading reduces the amount of data that needs to be transferred, thereby reducing bandwidth usage.

  • Better User Experience: Lazy loading results in a faster and smoother browsing experience, which can improve the user experience and reduce bounce rates.

  • Increased Search Engine Optimization: Faster page loading times and reduced bandwidth usage can also have a positive impact on a website’s search engine ranking, leading to increased visibility and traffic.

  • Enhanced Mobile Experience: Lazy loading is particularly beneficial for mobile users, who often have slower internet connections and limited data plans.

How to enable lazy load images Script on blogger?

Now I am going to tell you how you can put the script in your blogger website without any coding. So you have to complete these below steps.

Step 1: 

First of all you have to go to your blogger website Dashboard.

Step 2: 

After that go to your theme section and click on Edit HTML.

blogger website Dashboard.
blogger website Dashboard.


Step 3: 

After that, you have to type control F and search there </body>. And you will get to see this at the very last inside your entire HTML code.


type control F and search there body


Step 4: 

Now in this step you have to download this lazyload image script by 👉 Click Here 

👉 Click Here 

Step 5:

 Now in this step you have to copy all the code written in this script.

copy all the code written in this script.

Step 6: 

Now going to the lazy load script code that you have copied, you are pasting that code above </body> inside your HTML coding.

pasting that code above



So in this article, I have told you completely how you can add a lazy load script to your website without any coding, so if you like this article, then you can tell us by commenting below.

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