How to Earn More Coins in EA FC 25?

Every year EA Sports launches its flagship football game, the FIFA series, and now the game has rebranded its name to EA Sports FC. Featuring all the top clubs and best players across the world, the game is very popular across the world. Gamers specifically love the Career Mode and Ultimate Team game modes in EA Sports FC.

EA’s live services have collectively achieved a new company record, generating $1.71 billion in revenues during Q3 2023, marking a 3% increase compared to the previous year. EA Sports FC 25 will roll out in September 2024 and players worldwide are anticipating it with excitement. Similar to previous installments, FC 25 coins will play a major role as players use it to build their squad, purchase stadiums and kits, acquire new skills, trade in the transfer market,etc. For their Ultimate Team. In this post, we’ll read how to earn more coins in FC 25.

How to Earn More Coins in EA FC 25?

As the launch of the latest EA Sports FC game nears, all Ultimate Team players are scrambling to earn coins and gain an edge over other players. Being the in-game currency, you’ll need these FUT coins for every transaction, so you should know how to earn them. The following tips will help you with this.

Take Part in FC 25 Events

EA Sports regularly conducts FC 25 competitions and events for players to take part in. Usually, coins are needed to participate in them, but they are worth the investment, as you get a chance to win exclusive gifts and rewards for your FC 25 campaign. 

Taking part and succeeding in these events also provide you welcome goodies for FC 25 that can even include coins. Through these incentives and benefits you gain from taking part in these events, you can get a head start in FC 25 in the future and amass a good number of FIFA coins

Learn About FC 25 Carryover

Every year, when EA Sports FC’s next installment comes out, there are certain things from the previous game that you can carry forward to the next game. Although you can’t carry over every single thing, there are several in-game items and other game data that you can take with you to FC 25.

Understand how your game progress, previous achievements and squads, and other valuable resources can be carried over to FC 25. You will have to get the game on the same platform on which you played FC 24 to do the carry over. You can’t directly carry over coins, but with data from the previous game, you’ll get an advantage when earning coins and using them in FC 25. 

Pre-Order FC 25 Ultimate Edition

Every year, EA Sports FC also launches the Ultimate Edition which has some more features and items than the normal edition of the game. You must pre-order EA Sports FC 25 Ultimate Edition so that you can gain early access to the game, before it is launched worldwide for the public.

When you get your hands on the title before other players, you can get an idea of how the game works, and start amassing FIFA coins. You’ll have a headstart and more coins to work with by the time other players purchase the game and start building their squad in the Ultimate Team game mode. 

Purchase FUT Coins Online

Every single FC 25 user that plays the Ultimate Team game mode will be in a scramble to earn the maximum amount of coins and dominate their opponents. However, earning coins by playing and winning matches, trading players and other consumables, completing challenges and objects, etc. takes a lot of time and effort.

To earn coins quickly without putting in a lot of work, many players prefer purchasing FC 25 coins online from a trustworthy seller. You can look for a reliable seller that offers good prices and offers, and buy coins for your account. 

Try to Access FC 25 Closed Beta 

Not everyone gets access to it, and if you are lucky enough to get access to EA Sports FC 25’s closed beta version, then you must utilize this opportunity to the maximum. Check out the working of the game and how everything plays out in the new title.

Also, get familiar with new features and modes in the game that include mechanics, coin earning, game progression, completion of objectives and challenges, and other important insights. Through this data and knowledge of trade mechanics, you can maximize your potential of earning FC 25 coins once you start playing the game.

Utilize the FC 25 Web Application

Another great way to boost the earning of coins in FC 25 is by leveraging the game’s web application to your advantage. Through the app, you can trade in the transfer market, manage your team and enhance their skills, take part in different market activities, and much more. FC 25’s web app offers several functionalities and tools by which you can enhance coin earning in the game. 


The launch of EA Sports FC 25 is coming near with each passing day, and players are getting ready to perform well in the game. One thing most players have their eyes on is the in-game coins and this post shared the best tips to earn more coins in EA FC 25. With proper decision-making, hard work, and a hint of luck, you can earn a lot of coins and do well in the game. 

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