(2023) How to Disable copy paste of text in Blogger

Today we will know how our blog article can be saved from being copied. And how can you disable copying of the article of your content? And in this way, you can protect your article from being stolen.

As you know, when all of us bloggers write articles for our website A Blog, we have to work very hard and we do this work with a lot of hard work. And this work is easily stolen by another person. So in this article, I will tell you how you can save article posts from being stolen.

You have to follow some steps to protect your content from being stolen, which is very easy, so let’s know.

How You Can Do? Copying Is Disabled. 

It is very important to protect our blog posts from being stolen because when we publish content, it takes a long time to get indexed in Google and this is very important when a new blogger posts his article on a new website.
Because when you publish an article on your website or blog by doing your hard work, then if someone else copies it and publishes it on your website.
And if the article that you have written before that person gets indexed in Google, then now your article which you wrote will be copyright match. Therefore, beginners who are new bloggers must protect their content from being stolen.
Even if you have written your article on your own with your own hard work, Google will consider your post as a copy, if someone has copied your content and indexed it first, then you must do this small work.

Prevent Article From Copying In Simple Steps

If your website or blog is on Blogger, then follow these steps below to prevent your blog’s article from being copied.
Just have to add a code on your blog, after that copy paste will be disabled on your blog, due to which no one will be able to copy your blog post.


In the first step, you have to copy the HTML code given below.
Html Code:
<script type='text/javascript'>
if (typeof document.onselectstart != "undefined") {
document.onselectstart = new Function("return false");
} else {
document.onmouseup = new Function("return false");
document.onmousedown = new Function("return false");


  • Now you have to open your blogger dashboard.
  • Now you have to go to the layout option.
  • Now the option of Add a Widget will be found in the sidebar, click on it
  • Now click on HTML Javascript and add it.
  • Now put the HTML code you copied in that box.
  • And now save it by clicking on the save button.


Now go to your blog website and check and try to copy whether the copy is being done or not. So now none of your articles will be copied because copy-paste has been disabled from your blog spot blogger.
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