How To Add Youtube Video Widget In Blogger || (5 Steps)

If friends, you want to add YouTube video widget to your blogger website, then you have come to the right place, in this article I will tell you how to add YouTube video widget in blogger and it has many benefits, talk about them too. If you do then let’s know this whole process.

It is very easy to add YouTube video widget to Blogger, for this you have to follow all these steps given below.

What Is Youtube Video Widget Or Embed  Youtube Video On Blogger?

Friends youtube video widget we call that which gets embedded in any website without any upload like you just have to copy the url of any youtube video and paste it in the html code after which your video gets embedded in the website.
After that, when anyone comes to your website, he will get to see the video that you have added in your blogger or wordpress.

Follow All These Steps To Embed Youtube Video To Blogger Responsive

Friends, now I will tell you how you can embed YouTube video in your blogger just by copy pasting, so let’s know
Steps 1:- Go to the blogger dashboard.
Steps 2:- Go to your blog post article where you want to add youtube video widget .
Steps 3:- Go to the youtube and select who you need to add youtube video in blog post. after select youtube video copy the url of youtube video.
Steps 4:- I have provided you youtube video widget html code below in which you have to replace the url of the html code with your youtube video url.
how to add youtube video widget in blogger


<font face="Poppins"><!DOCTYPE html>
<iframe height="480" width="500"
Steps 5:- After copying the HTML code. you have to go to your blog post, after that paste this HTML code where you want to embed the YouTube video.
Step 6:- Save it now.
Note:- Whenever you want to embed another youtube video, you have to replace youtube video with HTML Code, after that you can embed where you want to embed youtube video.


If friends, you liked this article, then you must tell me by commenting and as I have told you to add step by step YouTube video widget to blogger, how did you like this method which I told you in the beginning will be much easier. embed youtube video in blogger for you.

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