How to Add Google Translation Widget in Blogger [working]

So friends, in this article, we are going to know how to add a Google translation widget to our blogger it is very easy to install it, 

so with some simple steps, which I will share with you, then you have to read this article to know that. have to read complete

What benefits of google Translate widget in blogger?


By adding a google translation Widget you have many benefits in blogger, among them I am going to share 4 benefits with you which are very important if you add a google translation widget to your blogger.
  • Increased Accessibility:- When you add a Google translation and visit your blogger, then when your audience volume increases, because now every type of audience who speaks different languages ​​or understands different languages, then they can easily come to your blog article. can read your article from
  • International Reach:- And this also has the advantage that you can also bring an audience from outside the country to your blog article.
  • Better SEO:- Friends, it is also an advantage that when you write your articles, your articles will rank in every country, and in different languages, so one of these is your very good SEO, which is very good for your blog.
  • Improved User Experience:- And when a new user comes to your blog article, then when he will see that you can read the article with the help of Google translation in any language, then it will be a very good user experience for him, so the more user experience the better. The more your blog articles will be considered good in the eyes of Google and Google will try to rank one.

Steps to Add Google Translate Widget in Blogger


Step 1:- Go to the blogger dashboard.

Step 2:- Click the left-side layout option.

How to Add Google Translation Widget in Blogger


Steps 3:- Go to the right sidebar widget and click add a Gadget Option.

Add Google Translation Widget in Blogger

Step 4:- Find the google Translate widget and after finding you get to click on it.

Add Google Translation in blogger

Step 5:- Now your last step is to check out your blog article. as you will can see in the below image.

Translation Widget in Blogger


So friends, in this article, I have told you how to add Google translation to blogger, and have also told you its benefits, so if you have liked the information given by us, then you must tell us by commenting below.
Due to this, we get a lot of motivation, then more such help full articles will keep coming on this website for you.

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