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The card game UNO has received a warm welcome from the young generation in Vietnam, gradually becoming a popular form of online entertainment. The game attracts many gamers to participate because of its fun and extremely simple rules. If you are a player who wants to learn, you definitely cannot miss his article Nhà cái Kubet to explore this interesting game!

Overview of information about the card game UNO Kubet

UNO is exactly the type of card that is extremely popular around the world. Invented by Merle Robbins, USA around the early 1970s based on the principles of the game Crazy Eights. After that, the game became the most popular form of entertainment worldwide.

With extremely simple gameplay, you can experience it alone or play in pairs or groups. The average playing time for a card game ranges from a few minutes to more than an hour. Depending on your form of participation in the game is traditional or computer or mobile phone.

To play UNO, all players will need to have an understanding of its rules. The general principle is extremely easy to understand, you just need to play all the cards containing numbers or colors. Match the cards on the table and try to get rid of them all before your opponent to win.

Share some basic game modes in the UNO card game

Not only other types, but UNO also has a variety of game modes for members to choose to experience. You don’t need to worry about not having enough experience or mastering undefeated tricks. There will be separate levels for you to easily refer to, but the classic way of playing is still the most popular.

In addition, there are also some more interesting forms such as: Team, Wild Draw Four or Challenge level. Each of the above categories has separate rules. Of course, when you set foot here, the system will unlock attractive and dramatic scenes for you to enjoy.

UNO rules for new players to refer to

Although UNO is a widely popular online card game around the world, each game requires a maximum of 2-10 participants. But besides the basic rules, it also has many of its own rules. Because players always want to increase challenges and have new and more interesting experiences.

Basic rules

Each member will be given at least the first 7 cards, the remaining number will be in the draw section on the home page of the UNO game. Start playing in turns with the cards assigned by color and number above. If at the end of the round there are still no suitable numbers, the member will need to draw more to prepare for the next turn.

Advanced rules

  • In “Draw Two” mode, when you land a card containing the word “Draw Two” or +2. The next member is also required to draw up to two more cards and skip their turn.
  • On the contrary, in the “Reverse” rule, whoever plays the card in the opposite direction, the next turn will be counter-clockwise.

Tips for playing UNO unbeaten to give you a chance to win

UNO is one of the card game genres with many elements of chance. However, that does not mean you are allowed to fight indiscriminately. Raise your probability of winning to the highest level. At the same time, take advantage of your opponent’s weaknesses to win quickly and easily.
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Make sure to follow the UNO game rules 

Complying with the rules and regulations is the first game tip that you should understand. Because if you follow exactly what Kubet suggests, you will avoid unfortunate losses.

To know the rules when experiencing this game, when accessing the interface, gamers should click on the settings section. Here, members can follow all instructions on the rules and how to play most accurately.

You should analyze the game carefully in advance

Another online betting tip is to learn how to analyze before playing. All data will be based on results from previous games. Through this tip, members will quickly find out the rules for important cards appearing in the game. 

You should consider and arrange to play the pieces with high scores first. This helps keep your final score at the end of the table from being too large, leading to being ranked last.

Make good use of functional cards

When your opponent has too few cards in hand, take advantage of the opportunity to use function cards such as: +2, +4, change color,… to prevent players from losing cards. Skilled cards play a very important role, so you should apply them carefully. 

Don’t overuse them in case you need them to turn the situation around. In addition, you can also save them for the last turns to increase your chances of winning even higher.

Observe the number of cards from opponents participating in the game

Pay attention to how many cards your opponent currently has in hand to consider choosing a suitable play. If you see that the number of troops is small, try to pick up more to get rid of all the ones of the same color in your hand. The faster the better, if they let them play first then you will definitely fail in that match.


Above is all the information related to the UNO card game shared by Kubet with readers. This is a game that promises to bring a lot of emotions and excitement that you definitely should not miss. Invite your relatives or friends to experience this exciting game right now and win lots of prizes!

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