A Legacy Of 600 Years: How The House Of Angadi Redefines Luxury In India

The allure of The House Of Angadi lies in the subtle way it rewrites the story of the luxury market in India. This fashion house stands as a timeless beacon of luxury, weaving together six centuries of tradition, craftsmanship, and exquisite elegance. With a legacy steeped in history and a commitment to preserving the essence of Indian craftsmanship, The House Of Angadi has emerged as a paragon of opulence in the realm of fashion.

KH Radharaman, Founder and Principal Designer of The House Of Angadi whose vision encapsulates a tradition rich in craftsmanship and heritage. From crafting intricate fabrics for noble households to ascending to the esteemed title of “angadis” or revered shopkeepers, Radharaman’s lineage has woven an enduring legacy within the realm of Indian luxury. This captivating narrative of resilience, innovation, and artistic mastery embodies the essence of The House of Angadi, making it an indispensable chapter in the cultural history of our country.

In the year 2024, almost 600 years after its inception, The House Of Angadi now stands tall with several distinct entities under its umbrella. Angadi Heritage, Angadi Galleria and Angadi Silks make up the physical stores of The House Of Angadi, while through the label Advaya, K H Radharaman (Kothandaraman Hari Radharaman) wishes to bring an intricate flair and a contemporary design flow to the evergreen-world of authentic Indian sarees. 

Encapsulating Luxury Under One Roof: Angadi Heritage & Angadi Galleria

Angadi Heritage, located in the bustling Jayanagar area of Bengaluru, is a premium luxury destination that houses clothes, accessories and a wide range of lifestyle products from various designer labels in India. Spread across 5 floors, the store itself is a mesmerising marvel known for its architectural prowess and stunningly designed interiors. From a floor dedicated to bespoke menswear to one consisting of stunning Kanjivaram sarees and bridal wear, Angadi Heritage is an opulent shopping destination in the IT City. Angadi Heritage also offers a wide range of kidswear, home decor, bags, shoes and accessories. 

Bengaluru’s other crown jewel, Angadi Galleria, is a boutique showroom that packs the most exquisite bridal sarees, including the iconic Kanjivarams. However, this store is not limited to just bridal sarees or Kanjivarams. One can also find unique Benarasii and Ikkat sarees along with exceptionally tailored menswear and kidswear. 

Bringing Design To Life: Advaya

The House of Angadi launched its signature label, Advaya, in 2010. Translating to the term ‘unique’ in Sanskrit, Advaya is not merely a handwoven textile label. Rather, it represents a fusion of the past and the present, where uncommon innovations and interventions redefine the very essence of luxury. From blending Kanjivaram with fabrics like organza, khadi, and linen to incorporating 100 per cent pure gold zari, Advaya transcends traditional boundaries, offering a luxurious drape suitable even for the new-age bride. This spirit of innovation extends beyond Kanjivarams to other distinguished weaves, such as kota tissue, muslin Jamdanis, and Benarasis, ensuring that each creation tells a unique story of heritage and elegance. Not limited to sarees, Advaya also offers bespoke jackets, shirts and more for men.  

Advaya is available exclusively at Angadi Heritage and Angadi Galleria. The presence of Advaya at these stores signifies the unification and the essence of The House of Angadi as a whole. While both Angadi Stores aim to bring luxury to the forefront, Advaya does the same through its unique design creations.

As The House Of Angadi continues to chart its course into the future, one thing is certain: its legacy will endure for generations to come through its stores and labels. For 600 years, the house has been a custodian of India’s rich cultural heritage, and as long as there are those who appreciate the beauty of tradition and craftsmanship, its legacy will continue to thrive. In a world that’s constantly changing, Angadi remains a timeless beacon of luxury, reminding us of the enduring value of heritage and authenticity.

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