Special prize statistics and things to note

Surely, there are many people wondering why it is necessary Special prize statistics in lottery. The article below from OK9 will help people find detailed answers. Everyone please follow closely so you don’t miss a lot of useful information.

Why is it necessary to calculate special prizes?

Statistics on special prizes are in the form of statistics on the top, bottom, and sum of the last two numbers of the special prize over a certain period of time. For example, statistics on special prizes by week, month or year are optional. That helps the lottery company list any special endings or special totals that have come in more or less, or have not returned in a long time.

Perform that statistical task to find out which head has the most returns or which tail has the least return for the numbers 0 to 9. At the same time, to see which totals from 0 to 9 win more and which total wins less. Thereby, lottery players have a lot of reference information to play the right numbers and have a high winning rate.

OK9 – free online jackpot statistics

OK9 is known as one of the number 1 quality online bookmakers in the Vietnamese market. Here, players are provided with many attractive betting products. It is impossible not to mention card games with prizes, sports betting, electronic sports, online casio,… most notably lottery. 

To help players place lottery bets smoothly and have a high winning rate, the house also provides a statistical table of special prizes. Below are methods for listing free online jackpots by week, month and year:

Statistics of special prizes by week

Bookmaker OK9 not only provides attractive lottery bets but also helps players compile weekly special prizes. This helps lottery players know whether the special heads, tails or totals have returned or not. Based on that, players will use lottery prediction strategies to analyze the frequency of numbers appearing and then bet on the appropriate numbers.

Statistics of special prizes by month

Besides, OK9 playground also provides you with a statistical table of special prizes each month. Detail:

  • Statistics of number of wins by head.
  • Statistics on the number of hits followed.
  • Statistics of numbers in the tens place do not come up.
  • Statistics on numbers in the units place do not return,
  • Statistics of high winning numbers.
  • Statistics of double numbers in special prizes.

Statistics of special prizes by year 

Finally, there are statistics on special prizes for each year so that players can better understand and understand the frequency of the numbers appearing in special prizes. Bookmaker OK9’s statistical method will be based on aggregates such as:

  • Combining all 2 numbers arranged from 00 to 99, players can observe which number appears the most during the year.
  • Besides, synthesize prizes such as 7, 6, 5, … to compare the frequency of appearing in these prizes compared to special prizes.

Common special prize statistical methods

To be able to calculate special prizes simply and quickly, you can apply a few methods below:
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  • Statistics of special prizes by number: for example, if the number is 45, the number will be 4. At this time, the system will calculate the numbers from 0 to 9 within the time period you choose.
  • Statistics of special prizes by number ending: for example, number 56 has the ending number 6. The system will list the ending numbers from 0 to 9 over a period of time such as 1 week, 1 month, or even a whole year.
  • Statistics of special prizes by total: for example, if 34 is the result, we calculate the special total of 7. Then the system will calculate numbers with a total from 0 to 8 over a certain period of time.
  • Statistics on special prizes issued on date: that is, statistics on the number of days closest to the time point that people choose.
  • Date not yet returned or number of spins not yet returned: that is, statistics of special prizes calculated from the date of drawing closest to the time you choose.
  • Statistics of special prizes according to the max gan maximum method: the longest number of spins in the past such as the first, last or total special prize does not return.

The above article contains useful information surrounding the topic Special prize statistics. Hopefully that knowledge helps people better understand the lottery’s statistical methods. Wishing you lottery players to win many high-value prizes. 

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