How To Take Backup In Blogger-( post , page & theme)

Friends, if you are working on Blogger and you have not yet backed up any of your data, then it can be very harmful for you because your data is not safe on Blogger, the reason is that.

if Google has to visit your website If anything goes wrong with it, it will blow up your website.


So that’s why you need to take a backup of your post and theme on your blogger because I have lost my website and blog post, so I do not want this to happen to you too, so today in this article 

I will tell you how you can do this on blogger. Back up themes and your blog posts

What Benifits Of backup in blogger 

By the way, most of the maximum is your advantage if you take a complete backup of your blogger’s website because friends here Google can terminate you anytime if you make any mistake that violates their policy.


So that’s why we need to take backup of our entire website, then we have this advantage here, when we take complete backup of our website, then whenever our website goes down, we can restore it which we have taken backup.


 Simple friends to restore your website, we can restore whatever backup we have got of our blog post by uploading it again on another website.

How Take backup In Blogger?- (step by step)

Step 1:- Go to blogger dashboard.

Step 2:- Go to setting of your blogger.

Step 3:- Find the “Manage Blog” Option and  “Back up content” and click on it after clicking showing the download backup. 


Backup In Blogger-


Now your blog post backup downloaded.


Step 4:- Now Next Turn is a backup of the theme. so go to the theme section and click on the customize option after you will show the backup click on it. and Click downlaod button.



Step 5:- Now all your backup is done.

So friends, I have told you the steps with the help of which you can take backup of your blog post and theme in your blogger.

 and now you have to save this backup in your computer or in your mobile so that you can access this backup whenever If you need to restore, you can restore it


Friends, if you have liked the information given by us, how to take your backup on your blogger, then you can tell us by commenting and if possible, share this post with your friends on social media.

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