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How To Grow Telegram Channel Fast [12-ways]

Friends, Telegram has a Popular application worldwide. and this app has many features for making money online. After you grow your telegram channel you can earn lots of money. so, I already told you about how to earn money from the telegram channel best 6ways. after this read, you can read that article.

Friends, although there are many ways to grow a Telegram channel, I will tell you those ways which will make your Telegram channel grow quickly, then to know this, you have to read this article completely, so let’s know.

First Create a Brand Telegram Channel.

First of all, you have to create your Telegram channel so that you can make and grow from it and after that earning, I have already written articles on both these topics.

Grow Telegram channel Best 12- Ways

Now I am going to tell you 12 ways to grow a  channel, by doing which you can grow your Telegram channel or Telegram group very easily. so let’s know

1. Choose One Niche For Grow

Friends, if you want to write your Telegram channel quickly, then you have to focus on one of your niches so that you can grow quickly. So now let me also tell you what is a niche, then the meaning of niche is that within any category, we call all its subcategories a niche.

example:- Whatsapp status>attitude status -[sub category niche]

When we work in such a category, we get a lot of benefits from it, whenever a new audience visits your Telegram channel, in which you have worked in a Niche, then the audience that is visiting your channel will get all the content of the same category that he was searching, 

then there will be a lot of chances that he will follow your Telegram channel and your Telegram channel will grow very quickly.

2. Through Youtube Channel Grow Telegram Channel

In this, you have to create your Telegram channel on a YouTube channel of the same category, in which you have to put content on your YouTube channel only related to that category, and when you put the content, 

you have to link your Telegram channel. Want to promote that my telegram channel link is in the description to go and join it.

There you will get to see more such content, so in this way also you can grow your Telegram channel this is a great way to grow your Telegram channel because I have grown many such channels.

3. Grow a Channel From Quora

If you want to grow your Telegram channel more quickly, then you can also use the quora website to bring a lot of traffic to your Telegram channel so that your members will increase,

so you just have to find such questions which are related to your niche. If yes, then you can give your telegram channel link by answering them, then this is also a great way to grow the channel.

4. Consistency Post

In this, we have to be completely active on our channel, tea is our any category, if we remain active on our Telegram channel, then it will be easier for us to grow our Telegram channel, 

then your whose is also your niche, for that you. It is more beneficial to keep posting continuously on your Telegram channel,

so if you work on any social media platform, then you have to be active, daily when you post something on your channel, then you will see the result very quickly. will meet

5. Paid Promotion

Paid promotion is a great way, if you want to bring 500 or 1000 members to your channel within 24 hours or within 48 hours, then you can use tree promotion. In this, you just have to find a Telegram channel

 that has a lot of views and contact them, when you contact them, then you tell them that I have a Telegram channel that is related to your category, then you can promote my telegram channel.

On my Telegram channel, I will give you what you charge instead of that, you will get your result within 24 or 48 hours, this is a very quick way to grow your channel, you can also use this method Are

6. Cross-Promotion

Cross Promotion is a method in which if you already have some members, then you have to find a Telegram channel related to your own category or niche and contact it to share my Telegram channel on your Telegram channel and I will share your Telegram channel.

I will share the channel on my Telegram channel and by doing this both of us will benefit, so this is cross-promotion, so you can increase the number of members of the Telegram channel by using this method.

7. Promote on your Blog

If you have your own website or blog website, then you can also increase the number of members of your Telegram channel through this,


just you have to share the link of your Telegram channel on your website, then this is also a good way to increase the number of members on the channels.

8. Social Media Free Promotion

This is a completely free way to increase your members, just whenever you post anything on your Telegram channel, 

then share it on free social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at such a place that you will get traffic from there, and when people like that If you click on it,

you will reach your Telegram channel, due to which your number of members will increase on your Telegram channel.

9. Use Hashtag #

If you want to increase organic views and members on your Telegram channel, then for that you have to use hashtags related to the category of your post, whatever you are posting your hashtag inside your post.

Whether it is an image or a video of yours, you have to put it in it, it will increase your organic reach and in this way also your channel will grow quickly.

10. Add Friends First 50 (Free)

In this, when you create your Telegram channel, only then it asks you to add it here, if you want to add your friends, then select it, then you can easily select your members from there within 50 years.

To increase whenever you post, your friends will see it, then it will make your charge that whatever you post goes to people, you will not even need to work hard in the beginning, so here are the ways Sometimes you can increase your members by using

11. Join Free Groups

In this, you have to find groups of categories related to your niche and join them after joining, share the link of your Telegram channel in it, 

then people will click on the link of your Telegram channel, and if they see whatever you want

If the contact you are providing there likes it, then it will join your Telegram channel, then from here to it is a very good way to increase the number of members of the Telegram channel.

12. Buy Telegram Members

In this method, if you want to increase the number of members of your Telegram channel very quickly, then you can also buy members for your Telegram channel, you will find some sites that provide this service and some bots on Telegram as well.

Available who give you this service but let me tell you it is not of much use because all these bots that will increase your Telegram members are of no use.

So, if you want to increase only for showoff, then you can do it, otherwise, if you want to increase by doing genuine work, then I have already told you all those methods, then you can increase your members by using them.


So, friends, I have told you many ways in this article, which I have used myself to grow my Telegram channel, so you can also follow them and say, then I will show you a link to your Telegram channel.

I will share it with you, you can see the link I have shared below and if you get any help by reading this article, then you can also comment below and tell me.

My telegram Channel Link:- Click here 

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