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How to create Telegram Channel In smartphone [FAST] 2023

 Hello Friends, In this article I tell you how you can create a telegram and fast grow with my unique method. as you right place here to know about all. so all my secrets revel in this article.

first, you will know how to create a telegram channel step by step. after these steps, and If you will know how to grow a telegram channel fast.

What Is Telegram?

Telegram is an app in which people using can share messages, files, movies, & pdf, and many more. that is the fastest-growing popular application in the world. in which already many people use this.

How To Create Telegram Channel Step by step

  • First Install Telegram Application In Your Smartphone.
  • Open Application
  • Sign up with your Number and you will receive a one-time OTP.
  • After you receive OTP you fill in your telegram app and click signup.
  • After signup, you see the left side in your telegram app 3 dots.
  • You see create the telegram channel and click.
  • After clicking a window will come where you have to give the name of your Telegram channel which you want to give
  • After following all steps.
  • your telegram channel will be created.

Example From Images:

Step 1:- Open Telegram


How to create Telegram Channel


Step 2:- Click on the pencil icon.


How to create Telegram Channel in mobile



Step 3:- Clicking on the new channel option.

Step 4:- You will be showing create channel click on it.


steps of telegram creating


Step 5:- Write the name of who you want to create a telegram name.


telegram channel create step by step


Step 6:- After you follow all steps. Click on the right side on the right option.


telegram channel create step by step


Step 7:- After doing all this, you have to give your unique username and if you are creating a public Telegram channel, then it has to be public.


create channel


Step 8:- After that, you have to click on the option on the top side right.

create channel

Step 9:- Then your telegram channel will be created


create channel


Note: Now, friends, you have learned to create a Telegram channel, so now it is our turn that how can we grow our Telegram channel by following some simple steps,


So in this article, we told you how to delete the Telegram channel using your mobile phone and if you want to know how you can grow this Telegram channel, then I have given you the link above for this. Has been given, which you can also click on to know how to stop the Telegram channel if you like this important information in the article, then you must tell by commenting below.

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